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Talks from Marlow Meetings 2022

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Marlow Sunday meetings this year. Click on the title to Listen Now, or to Download for later.

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Nigel Stock HHHW3: Christian Imitation - Pleasing to God
Nigel Stock     15th May
Nigel encourages us to drink, to breathe, to be still and to imitate God.
Keith Grafham HHHW2: Be Still - Encounter
Keith Grafham     8th May
Do you have regular quality time, ideally each day, when you're quiet before God, to connect with Him and to hear His voice? Keith encourages and challenges us all to do so. We all need 'chair time': It's about rhythm / regularity / being intentional, and also about encountering / responding / intimacy / revelation / action.
Andy Read 2019 HHHW1: Christian Mission - Passing it On
Andy Read     1st May
Andy kicks off our new teaching series Holiness and Hope in a Hostile World (based on 1 Thessalonians). Is it possible for the Christian faith to survive and thrive in a world that’s indifferent at best and hostile at worst? What does such a faith look like – at home, at work, and in other places where Christ’s people find themselves? And what kind of church does it take to sustain that vision?
Colin 168 Grace & Repentance
Colin Barnes     24th April
Colin explains that the lessons learned by the disciples on the road to Emmaus are key to each of us entering into the promise of Jesus that “Greater things you will do” (John 14:12)
Paul Wratten What Do You Really See?
Paul Wratten     17th April
What do you see in the story of Easter - really see? Paul explains why this is so important - because what we understand about Jesus' death and resurrection will shape every aspect of our life.
Keith Grafham Living The Story part 10: Bringing Salvation
Keith Grafham     10th April
Keith encourages us to bring God's salvation to others by allowing Jesus to transform us in every part of our lives. Let's consistently spend more time in the quiet place so that He can do just that.
Jonny Ruffell Living The Story part 9: Sharing Abundant Life
Jonny Ruffell     3rd April
Jonny encourages us to share Jesus from the heart. And let's be kind not just to one another and the people to whom we are close, but even to those who we disagree with.
Colin 2021 Living The Story part 8: Hosting God's Presence
Colin Barnes     27th March
We were created to represent God on earth, so learning to host his presence is vital. Colin considers what this means and what helps us do so.
Alison Hopkinson Living The Story part 7: Set Apart To Serve
Alison Hopkinson     20th March
Ali discusses what it means to be set apart, and the kind of servanthood to which we are called. Let's go deeper with God so we know with clarity how He wants us individually to respond.
Geoff Wilson Living The Story part 6: Representing God
Geoff Wilson     13th March
Geoff looks back over the last 100 years and asserts that despite the awful situation playing out in the Ukraine things the world has got better in so many ways in that time.
Nigel Rivers Living The Story part 5: Being Transformed
Nigel Rivers     6th March
Nigel speaks about new and old wineskins, challenging us to think differently. Has "in or out" theology been restricting us, and hampering God working through us? Does He want us to work with people or groups that don't fit in with our traditional ways of thinking?
Phil Stewart Living The Story part 4: Adopting Healthy Rhythms
Phil Stewart     27th February
Phil encourages us to ensure that we make space for rhythms of Rest, Celebration and Generosity in our busy lives.
Andy Read 2019 Living The Story part 3: Overcoming Temptation
Andy Read     20th February
Andy examines the temptations Jesus faced in the wilderness following His baptism and explains how we can apply His responses when we ourselves are tempted.
Colin 2021 Living The Story part 2: Living Free
Colin Barnes     13th February
We're free to live for God, and to make choices: and this doesn't mean life will be storm-free, but no matter what happens, God is always with us. However, will we choose safety or adventure?.
Paul Wratten Living The Story part 1: Walking In Faith
Paul Wratten     6th February
Paul kicks off our new reading and teaching series 'Living The Story In a New Day' with a look at Matthew 1 & 2. God wants to build the biggest human family possible, and has invited us to help make that happen. Walking in faith is rooted in our belonging to Jesus.
Nigel Stock Loving Jesus With All Your Heart
Nigel Stock     30th January
Nigel emphasises the simple truth that the depth of our love for Jesus is far more important that what we understand and believe intellectually (as important as that is). What does Jesus mean to you?
Paul Wratten Running The Race Well
Paul Wratten     23rd January
Continuing on from Steve Clifford's message at last week's River Together, Paul considers what it means for us in River Marlow specifically, and how to run the race well. (Sorry, no video version this week).
Steve Clifford Let's Run The Race Together (River Together meeting)
Steve Clifford     16th January
At the meeting formally marking the day when River Church became four River Churches, Steve asserts that now is not the time for settling down, but rather there is plenty more to come, so let's run together.
Anthea Wratten The Examen - Reflecting on 2021
Anthea Wratten     2nd January
Anthea encourages use of the Examen Prayer to reflect in a structured way on the last 12 months and set ourselves up for 2022.