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Talks from Marlow Meetings 2020

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Marlow Sunday meetings this year. Click on the title to Listen Now, or to Download for later.

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Sandra Bullen When One Hurts We All Hurt
Sandra Bullen     23 February
Sandra explores some of the themes of Paul's "Marlow Vision 2020" talk of 5 January, in particular considering the stark difference between Secularism and Christianity and how this impacts our attitudes to one another.
Colin Barnes People of God 4.4: Samuel - The Man Who Heard God
Colin Barnes     16 February
Colin considers how Samuel learned to hear God’s voice, and how using his example we can learn to hear Jesus more clearly today.
Sue Singh Passion for Jesus
Sue Singh     09 February
Having passion means that you can barely contain your feelings. Sue reminds us that Jesus has our backs at all times, so no matter what we go through He is with us, and encourages us all (particularly those over 55) to stir our passion and continue to exercise and develop our spirituality.
Andy Read 2019 People of God 4.3: Jabez - The Man Who Was Blessed
Andy Read     02 February
Andy uses the example of Jabez to speak about PREMISE of Prayer - God is a loving Father; the PROMISE of Prayer - God loves to give us the very best; and the PROCESS of Prayer - God cares about what is going on inside of us as we pray.
Anthea Wratten People of God 4.2: Sarah -The Woman Who Laughed
Anthea Wratten     26 January
Anthea draws three key lessons from the life of Sarah: God’s timing might not be our timing; we can’t engineer God’s ways to help him along; and what God has promised often looks nothing like we think it will!
Colin 168 People of God Season 4 Episode 1 - Noah
Colin Barnes     19 January
Colin explains the key lessons of the story of Noah: that God is good; that we shouldn't ever declare judgement; and that we live in God’s favour. He invites us individually to consider what's holding us back, and what is He calling us to?
Paul Wratten
Marlow Vision 2020
Paul Wratten     5 January
The Marlow vision for 2020 is for us all to go deeper with God together. We are called to be Jesus-Looking mirrors; to love God and others; and to transform ‘one by one’. What is your 'show and tell', and are you ready to share it?