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Talks from Marlow Meetings 2020-21

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Marlow Sunday meetings this year. Click on the title to Listen Now, or to Download for later.

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1 Trusting Through Pain - Let Hope Arise
Paul & Sarah Deriaz     11th April
On the 20th anniversary of their 8 year old son Joshua's death from a brain tumour, Paul & Sarah reflect on and share about what God has done with them, in them and through them since that devastating event.

Andy Read 2019 Jesus The Light Of The World
Andy Read     4th April (Easter Sunday )
Andy's Easter message focuses on the Light which can never be extinguished, one of the key themes of the Gospel of John.

Colin The Raising of Lazarus
Colin Barnes     28th March
Can we see hopeless situations turned around for good? Colin explains how the raising of Lazarus can help us become resurrection people, who walk through pain into glory.

Anthea Wratten The Healing Of The Man Born Blind
Anthea Wratten     21st March
This miracle is an unprecedented act of redemptive restoration, with Jesus demonstrating once again that He is God. Anthea explores the story and how Jesus challenges our assumptions and prejudices and asks: what have you seen that you can’t un-see?

Ceri 2019 Freedom From Fear
Ceri Davies     14th March
Miracle 5: Jesus walking on water. Ceri takes a look at the problem of fear, the root of fear, and the solution to fear! Although we were born as spiritual orphans, now we are dearly-loved children, and can trust in the goodness and kindness of our Father God.

Ness Wilson Future: Now
Ness Wilson     7th March
Ness delivers the concluding talk of this year's Pioneer Annual Leaders Conference with an inspiring word to all Pioneer churches about being ready for the next 12 months (if the "start mid-way through" setting doesn't work then manually skip to -1:14:45).

Colin The Feeding of the 5000
Colin Barnes     28th February
Colin considers this miracle in a talk subtitled 'In Partnership With God'. He concludes by asking three questions: Are you an orphan or a child of God? When was the last time you brought your sandwiches to Jesus? And how might you live inspirationally each day?

Andy Read Living by Law or Love
Andy Read     21st February
The healing of the man at the pool of Bethesda is amazing as a miracle. But in the story of this healing, in looking at how Jesus approached the man, cared for him and dealt with criticism we can see some important principles for life in God’s Kingdom.

Tabby Crawforth Healing The Official's Son
Tabby Crawforth     14th February
Tabby examines the second miracle of Jesus in John's gospel - Healing the official’s son (John 4:43-54) - and asks three key questions: Do I still trust God? Do I believe God can do big things? Where / for whom is He asking me to pray?

al2020 Heartfelt Compassion
Alistair Bullen     7th February
Al talks about courageous optimism, generous creativity and heartfelt compassion in the context of our all-powerful God who made the cosmos.

Colin New Creation People
Colin Barnes     31st January
Colin introduces a new teaching series which will take us up to Easter, called 'Signs of New Life'. Discover how John frames the Gospel in terms of New Creation: God dwelling with us as a light to driving out the darkness and bringing orphans home to their Father. 

Ceri 2019 The Transforming Power of Sabbath
Ceri Davies     24th January
Ceri describes how her own understanding of Sabbath has totally changed over the past few years, what it is (and isn't), and its importance and relevance to us all today. It's a gift from God - a chance to reconnect more deeply with Him, to delight in Him and a way to reorder our lives around His rhythm.

Paul Wratten The Light Is Coming
Paul Wratten     17th January
Paul encourages us to prepare - we don't know what 2021 is going to be like, but we know the world will continue to need to see our light. Be practising, be prophetic and be patient.

  Click here to watch / listen to the River Together meeting     10 January 21   
Steve Clifford Our Help In Times Of Trouble
Steve Clifford     3rd January
Steve outlines four keys which can help us to overcome in difficult times: don’t deny the trouble; do not fear; determine to continue to worship Him; and put your trust in God, our ever-present help.

Jonny Ruffell Peace On Earth 
Jonny Ruffell     20th December
Jonny reminds us that the key message of Christmas is "Peace On Earth", complete with an inspiring picture she recently created on this theme.
Colin 168 Living Joyfully 
Colin Barnes     13th December
Colin shares 3 tips on how we can live joyfully even in these times in which there are so many reasons to despair.
Andy Read 2019 People of The Spirit 10: Spirit-led Witnessing (to the ends of the earth) 
Andy Read     6th December
Andy rounds off the 'People of the Spirit' series considering what it means to be Spirit-led in our witnessing. He poses questions including who or what is setting our priorities and how we can be (rather than just speak about) Good News.
Tabby Crawforth People of The Spirit 9: Grace Through Trials
Tabby Crawforth     29th November
Drawing on personal experience Tabby tells her 2020 story and how she has found blessing and experienced grace through very difficult circumstances.
Sami Watts We Are His Masterpiece
Sami Watts     22nd November
Sami encourages us not to be despondent if we're feeling squished or even shattered by circumstances - our Father, the master potter, can lovingly remould us to create something new and beautiful.
Colin 168 People of The Spirit part 8: The Breakthrough Spirit
Colin Barnes     15th November
In these lockdown days, many of us are feeling a bit beaten up and constricted by life. Colin shares some keys to help us partner in God’s breakthrough.  Listen and step into new freedom!
Andy Read 2019 Generosity
Andy Read     8th November
Speaking from Acts, Andy calls us to generosity: at all times, but especially in this period of extra pressure caused by lockdown, let's be generous in forgiveness, with our time, and with our money.
Nigel Rivers People of The Spirit part 7: No More 'Them and Us'
Nigel Rivers     1st November
Speaking from Acts 15, Nigel leaves us with two key questions: who are the ‘Them and Us’ in our lives, and how do we bring Kingdom Inclusiveness to everything we do.
Jonny Ruffell People of The Spirit part 6: Spirit-led Mission
Jonny Ruffell     25th October
Jonny urges us to invite the Holy Spirit to make us bold to share our faith at His prompting, because what we carry is way too special to keep to ourselves.
Colin Barnes People of The Spirit part 5: Witnesses To The Gentiles
Colin Barnes     11th October
Colin celebrates God's outrageous grace demonstrated in using the persecutor Paul to bring the Good News to the non-Jewish world, and in breaking down barriers time and again to reach every people group. Are we showing the same kind of grace to those we meet?
Andy Read 2019 People of The Spirit part 4: Living In The Unexpected
Andy Read     4th October
Our readings this week (Acts 8-9) describe the early church encountering difficulties as well as tremendous growth. Andy challenges us to be open to God leading us to places we haven't anticipated and meeting unexpected people.
Alison Hopkinson People of The Spirit part 3: Witnesses in Judea
Alison Hopkinson     27th September
Ali speaks on the theme of mission as she considers our readings last week in Acts 3-7. Let's aim to bring unstoppable PASSION for the love of God, be PREPARED through prayer, and be PROACTIVE in stepping out of our comfort zones for God.
Simon Tempest 2020
People of The Spirit part 2: God's New Humanity?
Simon Tempest     20th September
Simon explores Acts 2.
Anthea Wratten
Paul Wratten
River Marlow - What Next?
Paul & Anthea Wratten     20th September
Paul & Anthea explain what the Marlow team sees as the challenges for the next 3-6 months and how we can respond.
Colin 168 People of The Spirit part 1: The Longing of The Father
Colin Barnes     13th September
Colin kicks off the new term and 'POTS' teaching series with an encouragement to us all to be filled with the Holy Spirit (whether for the first time or once again), and to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by Him. It's time to practise His presence again.
Linda Ward Spread Out, Think Big, Don’t Hold Back
Linda Ward     6th September
Guest speaker Linda (Leader of Bless Community Church in Brentford and of the London Region of Pioneer) exhorts us to love our towns and communities back to life by exploring different ways of connecting with them; and at every opportunity to create places where His presence is welcome.
Pete Enns Re-imagining God
Pete Enns     30th August
Pete is an American biblical scholar and theologian (see In this TheoEd talk he questions how we can or should re-imagine God. To consider what is He like here and now is THE question of faith (and indeed of theology).
3 Ecochurch and Climate Change Update
Karen Feakin     23rd August
Karen and friends give an update on Ecochurch and the River Marlow 'Down to Earth' group, and talk more generally about climate change and what we can do in response both individually and as a community.
3 Peace, Hope, Creativity & Wisdom
Alistair H, Sally L, Paul D     16th August
Nigel & Jean led a time of sharing: Sally L and Paul D take part, with a theme of prayer emerging.
Rich Wilson Cruise Control Is Not An Option
Rich Wilson     9th August
Al Bullen interviews his long-time friend Rich (Open Heaven, Loughborough and Leader of to explore some of the themes of his book A Call Less Ordinary - Why your purpose matters. "We are his creative masterpiece, we are his work of art, we are his epic poem, crafted to be read by the world so that others too will learn to walk with God"
Jonathan Merritt TheoEd Talk: The Death and Resurrection of Sacred Speech
Jonathan Merritt     2nd August
Acclaimed journalist Jonathan Merritt explores what it takes to talk about faith in ways that are honest, authentic, and understandable in an increasingly pluralistic society.
Brian Heasley 2020 Peace Through Trust
Brian Heasley     26th July
Guest speaker Brian - International Prayer Director for 24-7 - asserts that we can know deep peace because God's word is true, His presence is assured and His peace is powerful. The challenge for us is in what extent this peace affects those around us.
Paul Wratten What Now?
Paul Wratten     19th July
Paul considers the challenges we face as we emerge from lock-down. Whatever our experience over the last 4 months, how do we move forward now both to bring and to be good news to our friends, neighbours and community? "I believe this can be a time of growth, if we can learn to be real with God and let go of our illusion of control, to learn again that our dependency needs to be on the Holy Spirit, to be open to Him surprising us and pushing our boundaries, and to keep living in the expectation that our greatest surprises are ahead of us".

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Colin 168 Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted Because Of Righteousness
Colin Barnes     5th July
Colin unpacks the last Beatitude, revealing how Jesus calls us to be culture changers through doing good. Those currently in power may feel threatened and persecute us, but many will see and turn to God.

Jonny Ruffell Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Jonny Ruffell     28th June
Jonny considers how we can find an inner peace that overflows to the people around us, exploring our aims, limits and possibilities to see God’s will.

al2020 Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
Al Bullen     21st June
"What bliss you experience when your heart is pure! For then your eyes will open to see more and more of God". Al reminds us that our mandate is to bring life wherever we go.

Anthea Wratten Press Reset, Not Play
Anthea Wratten     14th June
Anthea encourages us to take forward positive change from lock-down by extending the time we spend with Jesus each day.

Colin 168 Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness
Colin Barnes     7th June
Colin explains how Jesus unpacks this timeless beatitude in his Sermon on the Mount. It's a timely message that speaks directly to our response to the Black Lives Matter movement, providing hope that the dividing wall of racism may be torn down after hundreds of years of injustice, just as the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain suddenly fell after decades.

Nigel Stock Get Ready to Catch the Wave
Nigel Stock     31st May
Nigel encourages us to watch for signs of a new wave of the Spirit and to open ourselves to be saturated by Him. Let's be ready to catch the wave rather than being caught out unprepared by its arrival.

Dave Bull The Indestructible Church
Dave Bull     24th May
Guest speaker Dave (All Saints Marlow) talks about the Indestructible Church. We have an inheritance that can never spoil or fade, and we are shielded by God through the gift of resurrection life and a living hope which brings freedom from fear. Let's be bold to reach out and invite others to come to know His love too.

Colin 168 Kingdom Values for God's People: Blessed Are The Meek
Colin Barnes     17th May
Meekness is a very misunderstood virtue that has nothing to do weakness. Colin encourages us not to be cowardly or controlling, but to be meek, like God, who is patient, long-suffering, courageous and continually working for good in all things.

Anthea Wratten Kingdom Values for God's People: Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
Anthea Wratten     10th May
Anthea encourages us in these times of collective grief to Weep, Wait and look for Christ’s comfort.

Andy Read 2019 Kingdom Values for God's People: Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit
Andy Read     3rd May
In the Kingdom of Heaven, true wealth is recognising our need of God. Let's look out (around us), look in (to ourselves) and look up (to Jesus).

Link to The Blessing UK video in which 65 churches participated.
Simon Tempest 168 Kingdom Values for God's People: Ascend the Hill
Simon Tempest     26th April
Simon introduces season 5 of 'The People of God' teaching series. From now until early July we will be looking at various Kingdom values, this week, Simon introduces The Beatitudes. Now is not the time to shrink back: the world needs the Kingdom of God more than ever. Will we choose to ascend the hill of the Lord, to sit at His feet and to apprentice ourselves to Him again?

Colin 168 Resurrection 2020
Colin Barnes     12th April
Colin brings an Easter message about the God who through Jesus' resurrection has rescued us and reunited us with Him. No one need be excluded from this good news! Therefore let's live fearlessly.

  Here is the Churches Together in Marlow 'socially distant' Good Friday act of worship (no walk of witness this year!)

Cat Sweet, Newfield Community Church   /   Paul Wratten, River Church   /
Sarah Fitzgerald, All Saints Bisham & St John the Baptist Little Marlow   /
Nick Thompson, Marlow Methodist   /   David Downing, Marlow URC   /
Roland Slade, All Saints Marlow   /   Graham Watts, The Lantern, Marlow Bottom   /
Dave Bull, All Saints Marlow   /   Anthea Wratten, River Church
Phil Stewart God and Me
Phil Stewart     5th April
Our God is amazing - we will get through this time with Him by our side, but we do need to give time to building our relationship with Him. If we do, we'll be in a much better place to love those around us.

Nigel Rivers People of God 4.8: Isaiah part 2 - What do you See / Hear / Believe
Nigel Rivers     29th March
Nigel picks up where Nigel S finished last week, looking at more aspects of Isaiah's various messages to his nation.
Nigel Stock People of God 4.7: Isaiah - The Man Who Spoke To Kings
Nigel Stock     22nd March
As well as listening to the audio file linked above, you can also watch not just the talk but the entire meeting...... (the talk starts at 30:43)
Colin 168 Hope Carriers
Colin Barnes     15th March
In a last minute departure from his planned talk, Colin addresses the developing COVID-19 situation and encourages us to seek to become contagious with love and hope rather than allowing fear to affect our behaviour.
gj People of God 4.6: The Widow of Zarephath - The Woman Who Invited Miracles
Gary Jones     8th March
Using this story from the life of Elijah Gary reminds us that the greatest miracle of all is salvation and that God will meet us in our greatest times of need. We need to be courageous and trust in Him, because when we do so He releases miracles.
Ceri 2019 People Of God 4.5: Elijah - The Man Who Stood Up
Ceri Davies     1st March
Ceri examines three key lessons we can apply from Elijah's time of conflict with Ahab, Jezebel and the prophets of Baal: we too need to Say (speak God's word with boldness), Pray (with persistence and boldness) and Obey God when He asks us to act.
Sandra Bullen When One Hurts We All Hurt
Sandra Bullen     23rd February
Sandra explores some of the themes of Paul's "Marlow Vision 2020" talk of 5 January, in particular considering the stark difference between Secularism and Christianity and how this impacts our attitudes to one another.
Colin Barnes People of God 4.4: Samuel - The Man Who Heard God
Colin Barnes     16th February
Colin considers how Samuel learned to hear God’s voice, and how using his example we can learn to hear Jesus more clearly today.
Sue Singh Passion for Jesus
Sue Singh     9th February
Having passion means that you can barely contain your feelings. Sue reminds us that Jesus has our backs at all times, so no matter what we go through He is with us, and encourages us all (particularly those over 55) to stir our passion and continue to exercise and develop our spirituality.
Andy Read 2019 People of God 4.3: Jabez - The Man Who Was Blessed
Andy Read     2nd February
Andy uses the example of Jabez to speak about PREMISE of Prayer - God is a loving Father; the PROMISE of Prayer - God loves to give us the very best; and the PROCESS of Prayer - God cares about what is going on inside of us as we pray.
Anthea Wratten People of God 4.2: Sarah -The Woman Who Laughed
Anthea Wratten     26th January
Anthea draws three key lessons from the life of Sarah: God’s timing might not be our timing; we can’t engineer God’s ways to help him along; and what God has promised often looks nothing like we think it will!
Colin 168 People of God Season 4 Episode 1 - Noah
Colin Barnes     19th January
Colin explains the key lessons of the story of Noah: that God is good; that we shouldn't ever declare judgement; and that we live in God’s favour. He invites us individually to consider what's holding us back, and what is He calling us to?
Paul Wratten
Marlow Vision 2020
Paul Wratten     5th January
The Marlow vision for 2020 is for us all to go deeper with God together. We are called to be Jesus-Looking mirrors; to love God and others; and to transform ‘one by one’. What is your 'show and tell', and are you ready to share it?