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Talks from Marlow Meetings - 2018

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Marlow Sunday meetings this year.

Previous years' talks are also available:    
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Dave's Valedictory Talk     Listen     Download
In this his final meeting as leader of River Marlow, Dave reviews the last 6 years which have brought change, growth, joy and of course a fair share of challenge. 
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 2016
15 Apr
Resurrection Life     Listen     Download
What does it mean for us to live in the light of the fact that Jesus has risen from the dead? Dave shares some thoughts, with particular focus on the ‘beach barbecue’, and 6 other church members each contribute a 1 minute perspective.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones
08 Apr
The Day That Changed Everything     Listen     Download
Cleopas tells us what happened on that first Easter Sunday.
Colin Barnes
01 Apr
The Journey to the Cross Part 2     Listen     Download     Slides
Jesus said His blood would be “poured out for the forgiveness of sins”, but what does that mean? Colin explains how Jesus’ death sets us free from everything that hinders fulfilling the destiny for which God made us.
Colin Barnes
25 Mar
The Journey to the Cross Part 1     Listen     Download     Slides
How did Jesus come to the realization that He was the Son of God and had to give Himself as a sacrifice, and what can we learn from this? Let’s immerse ourselves in the Word, just as He did.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
18 Mar
I AM the True Vine     Listen     Download     Slides     YouTube clip

Ceri speaks from John 15 when Jesus describes himself as the true Vine ... He is the life source of history, of the church, and wants to be the centre of our lives too. See also the Song of Songs passage which Ceri read towards the end of her talk.
Ceri Davies
Ceri Davies
11 Mar
I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life     Listen     Download
Jonny and Dave each bring their thoughts on Jesus' thought-provoking (and, for some, controversial) statement recorded in John 14.
Jonny Ruffell
& Dave Jones
Jonny Ruffell
04 Mar
I AM the Resurrection and the Life     Listen     Download     Slides
Continuing our series on 'I AM', Simon reminds us why Jesus' resurrection is so important to our faith, concluding by leading us in a prayer of recommitment.
Simon Tempest
Simon Tempest
25 Feb
I AM the Good Shepherd     Listen     Download     Slides
Andy speaks about Jesus the Good Shepherd, who guides, provides and protects.
Andy Read
Andy Read
18 Feb
I AM the Light of the World     Listen     Download     Slides
Jesus said He is the Light of the World - but He also said WE are the Light of the World. Al considers what this means: how do we bring light, and also how do we find the 'song of our soul'?
Al Bullen
Al 2015
28 Jan
I AM the Bread of Life     Listen     Download
In the first of our new series looking at I AM, Dave considers Jesus' statement that He is the Bread of Life.
Dave Jones
Baz  Linda Gascoyne
21 Jan
Saying 'Yes' to Jesus     Listen     Download
In this New Year message Dave shares some thoughts about Mary from Magdala, who said 'Yes' to Jesus and later became an apostle to the Apostles.
In the second part of the recording Al Bullen leads a time of response and reflection.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 2016
07 Jan