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What We Believe

River is a community of people who share a passionate faith in Jesus, a love for others and a determination to adventure in bringing heaven to earth. Our prayer is that you will encounter the God who loves you, become the person you were created to be and discover your part in God's mission to save the world. Please do come and meet us!

'Where the river flows everything will live.’   Ezekiel 47:9

We are united by a shared set of values and a conviction we bring heaven to earth as we do three things:

  • Look on the face of Christ
    Our faith is not primarily a religion, something we do, but a relationship with the God revealed by Jesus, a God who loves us as children.  As we read the Bible, worship and meditate on God's goodness, we become more like Jesus. Jesus is our source of life, our hope and inspiration helping us to become all we were created to be.
  • Love everyone we meet
    The reason we were created was to fill the earth with God's love. The Bible tells us God is love and this is who we are to be like, loving all people in the hope all will be saved. When we love one another we help the world see God and without love we are nothing. In loving one another we make the invisible God visible!  We owe everyone an encounter with love.
  • Live like heaven is near
    God has given us the Holy Spirit and empowers each of us to bring a little of heaven to earth.  The Holy Spirit is God and so we expect that through us what we think is impossible can be achieved in all kinds of ways. Some are beautiful like acts of kindness and compassion, others are practical like leadership and administration and still others are supernatural like healing and prophecy.

Good News!

River exists to declare the Good News that God so loves the world. So much in fact that Jesus, God's own son, was sent to save it (John 3:16).  This Good News sets our hearts on fire so we can’t help but share it….. and to do that we use four words that spell FIRE.



God is crazy about you!  You are God's child. Like any good parent you are loved by God.  We are the reason God created the world, God wanted sons & daughters so love would abound.  God's plan and desire was that we would grow up to be just like.......well God. This happens as we learn to trust God, love one another and look after God's awesome creation.

Ephesians 1:4-5, 1 John 3:1, 1 John 4:7-8, Genesis 1:26-28
We chose independence, trusting our own thinking rather than God's and have wandered our own way. God had a glorious purpose for us, but we chose a lesser, more painful path and in the process missed the mark. The consequence of this is not just on us but the whole world has suffered.  Despite our rejection and the anguish God feels at seeing us and all creation suffer, God has never abandoned us.

Genesis 3, Isaiah 53:6, Romans 3:23


God longs for us all to come back to full relationship and so sent Jesus to us. Jesus, God's own son, fully revealed a God aiming to win our hearts with love.  This showed us the kind of wonder-filled life we could live as children of God.  Jesus went to the cross to prove His love for His Father and to pick up the tab for our mess.  Finally, God raised Jesus to free us from the fear of death.

1 John 4:9-10, John 14:6, 31, 2 Corinthians 5:18-20, Hebrews 2:14-15

God is gentle and won’t force our will. However, when we choose to place our trust and invite God in, God comes to live with us by the Spirit.  The same Spirit that led Jesus leads us, and empowers us to heal the pains and mend the brokenness in us and in what we see around us.  In this way, we fulfil God’s glorious plan as we partner together to save the whole of creation!

1 John 4:12-14, Luke 11:13, Romans 8:21, Revelation 3:20

Would you like to know more?
Would you like to know more? If you are asking yourself some big questions about life and would like to explore them with others, then we would love to meet you.

We gather in the Sixth Form Centre at Great Marlow School at 10.30am on Sunday mornings. 

If you would like to know more then please feel free to email Paul Wratten  or Anthea Wratten.