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Talks from Maidenhead Meetings 2019

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Maidenhead Sunday meetings this year. Click on the title to Listen Now, or to Download for later.

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Courageously expecting God to do the impossible through all of us
Colin Barnes
Colin brings us the last topic in our WATPOG series. Referring to Gideon’s journey of faith, Judges chapter 6, where Gideon journeys from a place of unbelief to a place finally daring to believe that God is going to do something through him.
Andy  Val Simcock
Laura Vann
Thai Mission and CAP Fresh Start
Andy & Val Simcock     Laura Vann
As we think about serving communities near and far, sharing good news and building relationships, Andy and Val Simcock talk about their work in Thailand over the last 10 years, and Laura Vann launches a new River Maidenhead CAP initiative: Fresh Start.
Mike Holt We are Gifted People    Slides
Mike Holt     10 November
Mike relates the story of the first church - Moses' tabernacle - and its creation, and then Solomon's temple, and how with the coming of Christ we have become the church. To keep it in good working order, we all need to use our gifts.
Daniel King Building Relational Radical Inclusive Communities
Daniel King     03 November
Daniel brings us the theme of being a relational people and “Loving everyone we meet” by “building relational, radical and inclusive communities of Jesus followers.”
Obi Onyimadu The Goodness of God
Obi Onyimadu     27 October
Obi talks about his life and how no matter what life brought, good or bad, God has been good. This is true for all of us. We may have major health problems. We may experience profound loss. We may face financial ruin. We may also experience joy and prosperity beyond our wildest imagination. No matter what God continues to be good.
Living Like Heaven is Near     
Simon Tempest     06 October
Simon explains how “Living like heaven is near” is God’s mission and we can expect Him to work powerfully with us and through us as we seek to help Him to bring life to our daily lives. (Sound a bit distorted at beginning only)
Loving Everyone We Meet     Slides
Colin Barnes     29 September
Colin continues in our WATPOG series and explains how Jesus completes God’s revelation to humanity and gave us a new  commandment, defining His life, “Love one another”, not just our people or our neighbour, but all people. 
Ceri 2019 Face of God 
Ceri Davies     22 September
Continuing our series discovering who we are as People of God, Ceri encourages us to look on the Face of Christ and recognise that Jesus Christ is the source of life and that following Him leads to a full and overflowing life.
Andy Read We Are The People of God - The WHY     Slides
Andy Read     15 September
Andy talks about the history of River Church and our calling. He describes our mission and how stories about rivers in the Bible have inspired us to be who we are as church, and encourages us to dive in.
Ceri 2019 Summer of Psalms - Psalm 51     Slides
Ceri Davies     01 September
Ceri finishes our Summer of Psalms series with an important message to us all about sin. Sin is all around us in our world and creeps into our lives if we let it. We can change that by being honest, cleaning up and our act, and giving ourselves fully to Jesus.
Ben Wells Summer of Psalms - Psalm 49   Slides
Ben Wells     25 August
Ben focuses on Psalm 49 which tells us the truth about the wealth we build on Earth and what awaits us in the afterlife. In short, there is only one type of wealth we can take with us, and it isn't money or physical possessions.
Summer of Psalms - Psalm 46
Andi Boultwood     18 August
Andi refers to the Psalm of praise, Psalm 46, in particular the first verse and shares where God has been her refuge and strength.
Priscilla and Aquila - Serving Together, Playing Our Part
Obi Onyimadu     21 July
Obi brings us the story of Priscilla and Aquila, a Spirit-filled couple Paul met in Corinth who encouraged him and put their necks on the line for him. Obi shows us what this couple teaches us in serving God through servanthood, stewardship, mentoring and in being adventurous!
Mike Holt Paul Part 4 - Prisoner and Evangelist
Mike Holt     14 July
Mike looks at Paul’s third missionary journey from Acts 18 that ends in his imprisonment in Rome. Despite this, Paul’s approach to evangelism and sharing the gospel was unceasing and Mike explains how that should influence the way we share the gospel with people today.
Paul Part 3 - Persecution and Perspective
Colin Barnes     30 June
Colin brings us the story of Paul’s persecution by the Jews, Greeks and Romans, from 2 Corinthians chapter 4, then looks at persecution of Christians around the world today and the challenges our culture brings.
Daniel King Paul Part 2- The Missionary
Daniel King     23 June
Daniel tells us of Paul’s first missionary trip to Seleucia and then Salamis in Cyprus, 14 years after his miraculous conversion and encourages us to follow Paul’s example and to step out in our faith.
Paul Part 1- Persecutor to Proclaimer
Al Bullen     16 June
Al brings us the inspiring story of Saul of Tarsus in Acts 9, who persecuted Christians but through a miraculous transformation by the Holy Spirit, became the apostle Paul, from Law to Grace, Murderer to Evangelist.
John Part 3 - Taking a Fresh Look at Jesus
Simon Tempest     09 June
Simon takes a “Fresh Look at Jesus” through the eyes of John the Seer. He starts in Revelation 5 where the Lion of Judah claims the scroll and its seven seals. John expected to see a Lion, but saw a Lamb instead, representing humility, gentleness, and sacrificial love.
John Part 2 - The Beloved
Colin Barnes     02 June
Colin brings us the story of John the Beloved from John 14:1-14. When we do life together with God, knowing the Father’s love is key to living without a troubled heart
John Part 1 - Thunderer to Beloved
Rachel Smith     19 May
Jesus named the apostles John and James “Sons of Thunder” due to them being amazing colourful characters, who would not back away from confrontation. But after walking many years with Jesus and becoming one of His closest friends, John was transformed into something more beautiful and elevated, to become the beloved disciple.
Ceri Davies Peter - The Jew Who Welcomed Gentiles
Ceri Davies     12 May
Ceri speaks from Acts 10 about the Holy Spirit falling in a new way through the humility and faith of Peter, bringing Jews and Gentiles together as The People of God. In what new ways does He want to move on us in this new season and how can we position our hearts to receive that? What new things might He be calling us to step into today?
Andy Read 2019 Peter - Fisherman to Fisher of Men
Andy Read     05 May
Andy tells the story how Peter was transformed from Simon, a simple fisherman with little faith, to Simon Peter, inspired follower of Jesus and the foundation of the new Christian church. The story of Peter's transformation shows us how we can all follow Jesus, and spread His message throughout humanity.
The Loving Father's Plan
Simon Tempest     21 April
Simon refers to Jesus and His death on a cross on Good Friday, a decisive act of sacrifice resulting in a new chapter, a new way to be reconciled and walk in harmony with Him. A sacrifice that brings about the first Easter Sunday where Jesus rose from the dead, victoriously, in a New Creation body.
God's Greatest Commandment - Love
Gary Bastin     14 April
Ceri introduces Gary from Hope Community Church, Basingstoke, who brings an inspiring message on this Palm Sunday. God’s Greatest Commandment is Love! Loving God, loving our neighbour and loving ourselves.
Peter - Faith at the Crossroads     Slides
Colin Barnes     07 April
Peter thought he knew who he was, what he should be doing and where he was headed.  Jesus turns his world upside down and he's broken in the process.  Colin helps us see Peter's restoration and re-commissioning by Jesus as a lovely glimpse into God's compassionate heart for all of us who fear we've messed up and need to have our perspective altered.
Mary Magdalene - Apostle To The Apostles     Slides
Andy Read     31 March
Andy brings us the story of Mary Magdalene - a dedicated follower of Jesus, financial supporter of his ministry, and a witness to His crucifixion, burial and resurrection. Mary turns upside down some traditional views of women in the church, and shows what it means to live free of the past. We can all be challenged by her amazing example of faithfulness and courage - and encouraged by where it led her.
Mary - A Life Changing Faith
Ian Moody     24 March
Ian brings us the story from Luke 1 where the Virgin Mary is told by an angel she would conceive and give birth to a son, Jesus. Looking at Mary’s life changing Faith in 1) Being brought to a place of total surrender to God, 2) Obedience, ‘Faith without works is dead’ and 3) Trust God when you do not understand what’s happening.
Daniel - Citizens of a Different Kingdom
Obi Onyimadu     17 March
Obi brings us the inspiring story of Daniel who recognises only God’s kingdom and brings out 3 points we can learn from Daniel’s faith. 1) Response, do not respond as ‘The World’ responds, in times of trouble – pray!, 2) Use your faith, get a word and test it and 3) Focus on God, in all circumstances keep your eyes upon Jesus.
Mike Holt Hosea - A Covenant in Crisis     Slides
Mike Holt     10 March
In an age where the Israelites have largely forgotten their part in the covenant with God, Mike reveals what Hosea tells us. Despite their sins, God still loves them and will ultimately come and save them.
Esther - For Such a Time as This    
Simon Tempest     03 March
Simon brings the story of Esther: in the face of dictatorship from a brutal, anti-Semitic King, two God-loving people go about their business with integrity and authenticity, honouring their God, who has a plan....
Discipleship - Become a Pickle  
Carolyn Meers     24 February
Carolyn encourages us to trust in the slow and faithful work of God in our lives and uses the analogy of discipleship likened to becoming a pickle, a cucumber transformed through being soaked in God’s goodness.
David - A Promise Fulfilled     Slides
Andy Read     17 February
Andy continues in Samuel the account of the period between David being anointed that he would become King up to the time he did become King in the context: 1) Waiting for the promise, 2) Taking hold of the promise and 3) Living the promise.
Creative Worship   
Nay King / Susan Rimmer / Ceri Davies     10 February
This morning we meet to explore some new perspectives on worship together and hear the worship team’s vision for the fortune. Susan also tells us about the launch of a new initiative, ‘River Creative’.
David - A Promise Challenged     
Simon Tempest     3 February
Simon brings us the account in the book of Samuel where Saul is rejected as King of Israel and David eventually appointed King. Looking at the three ‘P’s that David encountered, Preparation, Personality (Character) and Patience.
CAP Sunday     
Ceri Davies / Andrew Green     27 January
This Sunday we are celebrating the first anniversary of our CAP Debt Centre run by Andrew. This first year exceeded all our expectations and we share many stories about clients’ lives being changed and prayers answered.
People of God - Ruth: Kindness
Maddy May     20 January
Maddy brings us her overview of the book of Ruth, looking at three people, Naomi, Ruth and Boaz and drawing out what their story tells us about kindness.
Ceri Davies Inspiration Sunday     Slides
Ceri Davies     6 January
In our first Sunday meeting of 2019, Ceri shares who God is calling us to be as a church family, looking ahead into the New Year. Taking note of the prophetic words from Emma Stark and Stephen Klemich in 2018, let God re-inspire and re-ignite us in this new season.