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Talks from Maidenhead Meetings 2017

This page provides access to talks recorded at Maidenhead Sunday meetings. To listen online click on the 'listen' link. To download the file, right-click the relevant link and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...'.
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Following Jesus - Who Am I     Listen     Download     Slides
As we were unable to meet this morning due to heavy snow, Andy presents a podcast based on Acts chapters 10 and 11. The story of a fundamental turning point in the history of the early church. For the first time Gentiles will be directly evangelised and admitted into fellowship with Jewish Christians.
Andy Read
10 Dec 17
AWESOME! The Shepherds Story     Listen     Download
On this first Sunday in Advent, Rachel refers to the “Awesome” verses in Luke 2:7-20, the angelic visitation of the shepherds to the baby Jesus and their testimony after having seen the Saviour. The Story of a promise fulfilled, a King and His kingdom, the arrival of a Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Rachel Smith
03 Dec 17
Don't Just Stand There, Do Something     Listen     Download     Slides
Continuing on the Following Jesus series Mike refers to Acts 1 and 2, where the angels said “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky,” Acts 1:10-11. Jesus's ascension marked a new phase in God’s kingdom on earth and the role the disciples would play, but they needed spurring into action.
Mike Holt
Mike Holt
26 Nov 17
Following Jesus - The Passover Meal     Listen     Download

Colin refers to Luke’s gospel, chapter 22 (vv14-23), and asks us, why did Jesus have to die, and why at the time of the Passover meal? Looking back to the days of Moses and the last plague in Exodus 11; Our God is the God of the Exodus, He wants to set us free!
Colin Barnes
19 Nov 17
God's Kingdom - 'Within your Grasp'     Listen     Download     Slides

Continuing on the Following Jesus series Andy refers to passages from Luke 13 to Luke 17 in the context of Jesus showing ‘Disruptive Leadership’, leadership that does not want to stick to the status quo. How will we grasp God’s Kingdom and what attitudes will we turn away from?
Andy Read
05 Nov 17
Christians Against Poverty - CAP Debt Centre     Listen     Download
George visits us from Reading Vineyard church to talk to us about ‘Christians Against Poverty’ and what a CAP Debt Centre is. We also hear from Ceri Davies and Andrew Green about the proposed launch of the Maidenhead Cap Debt Centre in January 2018. 
George Mullen
29 Oct 17
Following Jesus-The Spiral of Love and Forgiveness     Listen     Download
Colin refers to the gospel of Luke, chapter 7, 36 to 50 where Jesus is anointed by a sinful woman. The contrasting attitudes between the unnamed woman and Simon the Pharisee, an incredible story to convey the heart of God. If we are hungry for an encounter with Jesus, He will always meet us.
Colin Barnes
22 Oct 17
Following Jesus with 'Kingdom Hearts'     Listen     Download
Ceri refers to the gospel of Luke, chapter 6. Here, Jesus engages His newly chosen disciples in some "team talk" - the vital things He needs them to know as they set off together on His mission to bring heaven to earth through the breaking in of His kingdom. 
Ceri Davies
15 Oct 17
Following Jesus 'Into Trouble'     Listen     Download
Dave refers to Mark’s gospel, chapter 13, which deals with several difficult questions. Destruction of the temple, a Jewish Roman war, the sign of the Messiah’s return, when will this age end, a whole lot of trouble coming. If we are truly following Jesus then that should spell trouble for us.
Dave Vann
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01 Oct 17
Following Jesus - 'Being secure; Being servants; Being like children'     Listen     Download
Maddy refers to passages from Mark’s gospel, chapters 9 and 10 and asks us, “How do we grasp hold of the security and love on offer to us as a follower of Jesus," what are those characteristics?
Maddy May
24 Sep 17
Following Jesus - 'As Kingdom People'     Listen     Download
In this new series Ceri takes a look at Feeding of the 4000 in Mark Chapter 8:14-21 and Feeding of the 5000 in Mark chapter 6:30-44 and asks what do these miracles tell us about following Jesus in this season and how do we put it into practice.
Ceri Davies
17 Sep 17
Summer Series - A Tale of Three Gardens     Listen     Downlaod
Simon tells us an inspiring story of ‘The Hope of Salvation’, from Genesis to Revelation. A story of God’s deliverance, hope and abounding love and grace through three gardens, the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Garden of ‘A New Heaven and A New Earth’.
Simon Tempest
03 Sep 17
News from Our Missionaries     Listen     Download
Andy and Val give us an encouraging update of their work at the Glowing Life Orphanage in Thailand. 
Andy&Val Simcock
27 Aug 17
Summer Series - Casting Your Care     Listen     Download

Rachel gives her interpretation of 1 Peter chapter 5, verse 7 from the Amplified Version and tells us how she needed to learn as His disciple to cast anxieties to one side and actually follow Him. We ought to be doers of the word, not just listeners. He has paid a price so we can live an abundant life.
Rachel Smith
20 Aug 17
Summer Series - Our History Speaks to Our Future     Listen     Download

Al Bullen takes us through John 15:1-17 and the story of the true vine where Jesus tells us that God will not discard any parts of us but will lift us up in our entirety.

Our apologies for the loss of quality later on in the recording
Al Bullen
Al 2015
13 Aug 17
Summer Series - Living a Creative Life     Listen     Download
Susan refers to Ephesians 2, verse 10, “we are all created in God’s image, which God prepared beforehand.” We are encouraged to lead a creative life to develop our gifts, and help us to understand and know those gifts, to see God’s kingdom come into our lives, our communities and work places.
Susan Rimmer
06 Aug 17
Encountering Jesus - How Big Christ Is     Listen     Download

Tim speaks to us today from Paul’s epistles to Philippians and Collossians. Tim refers to Collossians 1, verses 15 to 23, focusing on Christ’s pre-eminence and where our faith should rest.
Tim Stone
30 Jul 17
Encountering Jesus - Unity of the Body of Christ     Listen     Download
Mike gives an overview of Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 4, focussing on, but not exclusively, verses 1 to 6. Looking at the ‘Root’ of our unity, the ‘Reach’ of our unity and the ‘Reason’ for our unity.
Mike Holt
23 Jul 17
Encounting Jesus - Truth and Grace     Listen     Download

Maddy discusses Galatians 1 and 2 where Paul rebukes the church there for drifting back to their old ways and not following the gospel of Christ alone, which is all we need to save us.

Our apologies as this recording has been cut short.
Maddy May
Maddy May
09 Jul 17
Encountering Jesus - Our salvation     Listen     Download

Colin discusses Jesus' message in Matthew 24 and 25: Foretelling the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the age. To be saved at the end of days means living as He taught us all the time, as illustrated by the parables of the Ten Virgins, the Bags of Gold, and the Sheep and Goats. 
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
02 Jul 17
Encountering Jesus - The Church     Listen     Download
This week Andy reflects on Mathew’s gospel, chapters 16 to 20. Andy refers to the three times that Jesus explicitly mentions the word “Church” in the gospels, in Mathew 16 and 18. These verses underpin the revelation and foundation that ‘Jesus is the Son of God'.
Andy Read
25 Jun 17
Encountering Jesus - Jesus Our Champion     Listen     Download

Continuing our ‘Encountering Jesus’ theme Andy reflects on Mathew’s gospel, chapter 8 and focuses on four events. Healing of the man with leprosy; the Roman centurion’s faith; the calming of the storm and the two men possessed by demons.
Andy Read
11 Jun 17
Do You Believe What I Believe About You?     Listen     Download
Having just returned from a tour in America, Godfrey tells us how he wrote his song “Do You Believe What I believe About You?” and reflects on his many years of playing in churches, bars, homes and psychiatric hospitals.
Godfrey Birtill
04 Jun 17
Encountering Jesus - John's Gospel, Chapters 16 to 20     Listen     Download
Colin gives us his overview of John’s gospel, chapters 16 to 20 where Jesus is preparing His disciples for difficult days ahead. Focussing on John 20, verses 19 to 29, and in recognition of some difficult events we have all experienced in the past week. “We cannot allow fear to rob us of God’s peace.”
Colin Barnes
28 May 17
Encountering Jesus - John's Gospel, Chapters 6 to 10     Listen     Download
Dave highlights key passages from week 2 of our church bible reading adventure, John’s gospel, chapters 6 to 10. Dave gives us some travellers tips when reading the gospels, don’t come knowing; be willing to wrestle; push past your “baby Jesus” and to stay a seeker.
Dave Vann
14 May 17
Encountering Jesus - John's Gospel, Chapters 1 to 5     Listen     Download
Ceri highlights key passages from week 1 of our 3 month church bible reading adventure, John's Gospel, Chapters 1 to 5.
Ceri Davies
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7 May 17
ReFRESH Series - Encountering Jesus     Listen     Download
Ceri introduces the new ReFRESH series ‘Encountering Jesus’, a 3 month church bible reading adventure. Putting into practice one or more of the 6 P’s to reflect, meditate and digest each reading, Picture It!; Pronounce It!; Paraphrase It!; Personalise It!; Pray It!, Probe It!
Ceri Davies
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30 Apr 17
God's Amazing Love     Listen     Download

Ceri reminds us of God’s amazing love this Easter, the most amazing act of love in history. The bible tells us that God is love, He is that amazing love that He proved by sacrificing the life of His son Jesus on a cross, God’s love is stronger than death.
Ceri Davies
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16 Apr 17
It's a Generous Life, 'Giving our Best when it Hurts'     Listen     Download
Rachel concludes our Lent series looking at Romans 12, verses 17 to 20. Learning to be generous is to move towards radical kindness and generosity. In certain areas of our life this can be challenging but becomes utterly transformative when directed at those who have hurt us.
Rachel Smith
09 Apr 17
It's a Generous Life,'Giving our Best when Serving Others'                             Listen     Download
Ceri looks at Romans 12, 9 to 13, God wants to fill us with love but we need to give Him some space to do it, in prayer, in reading the word and giving our time serving others. Be devoted to tenderly loving our fellow believers as members of one family and honour one another above ourselves.
Ceri Davies
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02 Apr 17
It's a Generous Life, 'How to Give of our Best Despite our Feelings'                  Listen     Download
Colin takes an inspiring look at Romans 12, verses 14 to 16 and challenges us to bless those who persecute us. We choose our way into love, and not to be moulded or shaped into the way ‘the world’ wants us to be. The only person that suffers if we hold onto unforgiveness is us, self control brings us freedom.
Colin Barnes
26 Mar 17
It's a Generous Life Series - 'Celebrate the Difference'     Listen     Download
Steve continues our Lent teaching series looking at Romans 12, verses 3 to 8 and what ‘gifts’ we have and what stops us fulfilling them. Each of us is different, but connected through how we use those gifts for others.  As ‘one’ we are far more than our individual parts and we owe it to other believers to ‘share our gifting’.
Steve Briggs
19 Mar 17
Lent Teaching Series - 'It's a Generous Life'     Listen     Download
This week we start our Lent teaching series ‘It's a Generous Life’ with Dave Vann bringing us an in-depth look at Romans and what Paul has to say about living life generously. In Romans 12, verses 1 and 2. Dave focuses on some key words the apostle Paul used in these scriptures, their meanings and why they have been used.
Dave Vann
12 Mar 17
ReFRESH Series - 'Prayer'     Listen     Download
Andi tells us how her prayer life has changed over the past two years and a few things she has learnt. We need to be disciplined about praying every day and find our perfect place to give God quality time. Pray for those who have wronged us, be blessed so we can forgive them and watch out for those answers to our prayers.
Andi Boultwood
05 Mar 17
Testimony Sunday     Listen     Download

Church members share their individual testimonies demonstrating God’s love, grace and provision. ONLY GOD can turn a Mess into a Message; a Trial into a Triumph and a Test into a Testimony.
26 Feb 17
ReFRESH Series - 'Soul Food'     Listen     Download
Ruth tells us of her love of reading the bible, and how God’s word comforts her, and is ‘soul food’ that sustains her, feeding her soul with truth. Ruth encourages us to refresh our attitude and our approach to reading God’s word every day.
Ruth Middleton
19 Feb 17
ReFRESH Series - 'The One Thing'     Listen     Download
Ceri encourages us with Paul’s words in Philippians 3, “I run with passion into His abundance so that I may reach the destiny that Jesus Christ has called me to fulfil and wants me to discover.” Passion is not about energy or volume, it is about being engaged with the Lord. If we are serious about being Christians Jesus cannot be an ‘add-on’ in our lives.
Ceri Davies
12 Feb 17
ReFRESH Series - 'Grace Sunday'     Listen     Download
Mark established ‘Speakers of Life’ in 2009 as a prophetic training ministry and is also a professor in Dermatology. Today Mark tells us that in the Jewish calendar, this is the year 5777 and the significance of those numbers in terms of ‘Grace, Perfect Timing and Boldness’. Jesus wants us to walk in boldness and not in fear, to receive Him freely.
Mark Birch-Machin
05 Feb 17
ReFRESH Series - 'Healthy Hearts'     Listen     Download
Stephen tells us the story of Zacchaeus, from Luke chapter 19, verses 1 to 10, the chief tax collector and his route to salvation. Jesus wants us to run ahead and climb that tree to seek Him and not let that opportunity pass by. He wants to meet us, where we are at, and allow Him to come into our heart.
Stephen Klemich
29 Jan 17
ReFRESH Series - 'Vision 2017'     Listen     Download
Ceri talks about the Leadership Team’s vision for 2017, identified in 4 strands of activity.1 - Growing our foundational relationship with Jesus. 2 - Continue to ‘take risks’ to share Jesus with people around us. 3 - To develop a CAP Debt Centre in Maidenhead. 4 – ‘The Miracle Building’, establishing a home where we can serve our town.
Ceri Davies
22 Jan 17
Giving Thanks for 2016     Listen     Download
Ceri starts the New Year sharing the many things to thank God for in 2016 and looks forward to 2017. Church members also share their thanks for specific events in their life that occurred during 2016 (restricted access).
Ceri Davies
08 Jan 17