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Talks from Maidenhead Meetings 2019

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Maidenhead Sunday meetings this year. Click on the title to Listen Now, or to Download for later.

Previous years' talks are also available: 2018   2017   2016   2015   2014   2011-2013   2008-2011   2004-2008

David - A Promise Fulfilled     Slides
Andy Read     17 February
Andy continues in Samuel the account of the period between David being anointed that he would become King up to the time he did become King in the context: 1) Waiting for the promise, 2) Taking hold of the promise and 3) Living the promise.
Creative Worship   
Nay King/Susan Rimmer/Ceri Davies     10 February
This morning we meet to explore some new perspectives on worship together and hear the worship team’s vision for the fortune. Susan also tells us about the launch of a new initiative, ‘River Creative’.
David - A Promise Challenged     
Simon Tempest     3 February
Simon brings us the account in the book of Samuel where Saul is rejected as King of Israel and David eventually appointed King. Looking at the three ‘P’s that David encountered, Preparation, Personality (Character) and Patience.  
CAP Sunday     
Ceri Davies / Andrew Green     27 January
This Sunday we are celebrating the first anniversary of our CAP Debt Centre run by Andrew. This first year exceeded all our expectations and we share many stories about clients’ lives being changed and prayers answered.
People of God - Ruth: Kindness
Maddy May     20 January
Maddy brings us her overview of the book of Ruth, looking at three people, Naomi, Ruth and Boaz and drawing out what their story tells us about kindness.
Ceri Davies Inspiration Sunday     Slides
Ceri Davies     6 January
In our first Sunday meeting of 2019, Ceri shares who God is calling us to be as a church family, looking ahead into the New Year. Taking note of the prophetic words from Emma Stark and Stephen Klemich in 2018, let God re-inspire and re-ignite us in this new season.