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Talks from Maidenhead Meetings 2021

This page provides access to our talks from our meetings.   

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Obi Onyimadu Motivated By Compassion          SLIDES 
Obi Onyomadu  - 17th October 2021

Obi talks about how we are to have Compassion for others who are going through suffering, pain, anguish and gives us practical ways we can help 

Colin 2021 Living Like Jesus - Choosing Relationship Over Religion 
Colin Barnes - 10th October 
Andy Read 2019 Living Like Jesus - Living in the Bible Story
Andy Read - 26th September 
Ceri 2019 Living Like Jesus - Living in the Father's love
Ceri Davies - 19th September
Ceri 2019 Frontlines: You make all the difference
Ceri Davies - 12th September
  Summer Sunday's - My Story
Ish Carboo - 29th August
Obi Onyimadu Summer Sunday's - TEN talk
Obinna Onyimadu - 8th August
Daniel King The Jesus Shaped God - The Intimate God 
Daniel King - 19th June
Colin 2021 The Jesus Shaped God - The Volunteer God
Colin Barnes - 13th June
Colin 2021 The Jesus Shaped God - The Healing God 
Colin Barnes - 6th June
Simon Tempest 168 The Jesus Shaped God - The Storytelling God 
Simon Tempest - 23rd May 
Gary Jones The Jesus Shaped God - The Forgiving God 
Gary Jones - 16th May 
Ceri 2019 The Jesus Shaped God: The Childlike God 
Ceri Davies - 9th May 
Peter Gadsdon The Jesus Shaped God: The Human God
Pete Gadsdon - 2nd May
Colin 2021 The Jesus-Shaped God
Colin Barnes - 25th April 
Colin 2021 Signs of New Life - Resurrection from the dead 
Colin Barnes - 28th March
Margy Dry Signs of New Life - Bringing light into dark places
Margy Dry - 21st March 
Ceri 2019 Signs of New Life - Freedom for fear 
Ceri Davies - 14th March 
Simon Tempest 168 Signs of New Life - 5,000
Simon Tempest - 28th February 
Andy Read 2019 Signs of New Life - Law & Love
Andy Read     21st February
Gary Jones Signs of New Life - The Second Sign
Gary Jones     14th February
Mike Holt Signs of New Life - The First Sign
Mike Holt     7th February
Mike kicks off our new series 'Signs of New Life' looking at the first miracle of Jesus - turning water into wine
Colin 168 Fishing 
Colin Barnes     30 January
Colin encourages us to practise being 'fishers of men' and talking to people about our faith. 
Ceri 2019 Sabbath 
Ceri Davies     24 January 
After a year of practice, Ceri tells us the difference that taking a Sabbath has made in her life. 
Andy Read 2019 Generosity 
Andy Read     17 January 
Andy reminds us of the importance of being generous (and it's about are than just finances!)
Ceri 2019 Vision Sunday
Ceri Davies     03 January
Ceri wishes us all a happy new year. She reminds us of God's promises and that we are pioneers and will do great things and shares some exciting news about some of River's plans for the year ahead.