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Talks from Maidenhead Meetings 2018

This page provides access to talks recorded at Maidenhead Sunday meetings. To listen online click on the 'listen' link. To download the file, right-click the relevant link and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...'.
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Colin Barnes
16 Dec 2018 
God With Us - 'On The Mountaintop' - Joy!     Listen     Download
Colin looks at the gift of ‘Joy’ the baby Jesus this Christmas and asks us, what is the route into Joy? Referring to John 15-17, ‘Joy’ appears in three different places, the three F’s, Fellowship with Jesus, Faith in Jesus and Fearlessness through Jesus.
Ben Wells
09 Dec 2018 
God With Us - 'In the Wilderness'     Listen     Download
Ben shares his personal moments ‘In the Wilderness’ and relates this to when Elijah flees into the wilderness and the word of the Lord comes to him, (Kings 19). Our God is the God of ‘Hope' who provides for us and brings us through difficult times.
Rachel Smith
02 Dec 2018 
God With Us - 'In the Valley'     Listen     Download
Rachel refers to the daily bible readings we as a church have been looking at this week and how God’s faithfulness meets us and impacts our lives ‘In the Valley’. Rachel challenges us to ask ourselves the question that God has placed on her heart, “Who am I”.
Mike Holt
Mike Holt
25 Nov 2018 
Gideon -  A Story of Transformation     Listen     Download
Mike looks at how God called and transformed the prophet Gideon. A man hiding wheat from the Midianites, who terrorised Israel for seven years, to a man leading only 300 soldiers against the  mighty Midianite army.
Emma Stark
11 Nov 2018 
A Call to be Cutting Edge Pioneers     Listen     Download
Emma founded Glasgow Prophetic Centre in 2009 and, together with her husband David, is the Director for Christian International Scotland. A friend of River Church, Emma brings a powerful prophetic word to the church and its new leadership.
Ceri Davies
Ceri Davies
04 Nov 2018 
Moses - The Wilderness Years     Listen     Download   
Ceri looks at how Moses spent 40 years leading the people in the wilderness but never gets to enter the Promised Land himself. Despite the people sometimes rebelling, Moses learns how to Hear, Trust and Obey God. (Apologies, sound distorted at the beginning only)
Colin Barnes
28 Oct 2018 
Moses - Power and Presence     Listen     Download   
Colin looks at how Moses freely chooses to respond to the burning bush in Exodus 3. God’s heart is that we walk in great freedom, He will not control us. God’s power is released as we choose to partner with Him. 
Mike Holt
Mike Holt
14 Oct 2018 
Joseph - Suffering and Salvation     Listen     Download     
Mike tells the story of Joseph through 4 aspects, 1) Joseph had God-given gifts; 2) The Lord was with Joseph through the good and bad times; 3) God’s favour on Joseph became a blessing to others; 4) Joseph stayed faithful to God and God’s promise to Abraham.
Simon Tempest
Simon Tempest
07 Oct 2018 
Abraham - Faith and Faithfulness     Listen     Download     Slides
Simon reveals to us the faith that Abraham had in God. Abraham believed in God and His plans, and God made Abraham the father of all nations, showing us that God is faithful, and will always provide.
Andy Read
Andy Read
30 Sep 2018 
Abraham - Calling and Challenge     Listen     Download
Andy gives an insight into Abraham the man who was faithful, flawed and fruitful. He left his father and home behind and followed God on a journey to greatness. We apologise for the recording which ends abruptly.
Colin Barnes
16 Sep 2018 
Adam - Lost & Found     Listen     Download     Slides
Colin continues the story of Adam and tells us what we can learn from Adam's story. We should ask and then we will receive, instead of desiring and taking. Jesus shows us the right way to deal with temptation.
Andy Read
Andy Read
09 Sep 2018 
Adam - Sacred, Sons and Stewards     Listen     Download     
Starting our new teaching series “People of God”, Andy looks at how we see the image of Adam in the Garden, (Genesis 1-2), but asks us to focus on God’s Humanity, His intention more than Adam’s corruption.
Ceri Davies
Ceri Davies
02 Sep 2018 
"Fresh Passion"     Listen     Download     
In this new term and season as a church family Ceri brings an inspiring message “Fresh Passion”. A “Clarion Call” of not holding back, having a fresh desire of laying ourselves down to Jesus and His gospel.
Rebecca CarbooRebecca Carboo
26 Aug 2018 
What is Community?     Listen     Download     
Rebecca asks, 'What is Community?', both in the life of River Church Maidenhead and in the wider context.
Daniel King
19 Aug 2018 
Psalm 19     Listen     Download     
Daniel gives a short overview of Psalm 19, whose theme is God’s revelation of Himself to mankind. This psalm, more than any other, reflects the beauty, splendour and perfection of God’s creation.
Obi Onyimadu
12 Aug 2018 
Hearing from God     Listen     Download     
Obi gives us a simple but effective framework of how we can read the Psalms and ensure we get the most from God's word through 3 tests. 1) Make time to hear from God; 2) Read the Word; and 3) Test what you hear.
Dylis Chi
Dylis Chi
29 Jul 2018
Be Inspired to Pray!     Listen     Download     Slides
Dylis gives us a unforgettable, passionate, powerful and moving introduction to prayer week. She tells us how we are called to prayer by God, and how in return He will transform our lives and in turn the whole world. We just need to start the conversation, and He is ready.
Simon Tempest
22 Jul 2018
Knowing Jesus - Contending for the Faith     Listen     Download     
Simon looks at some extracts from the Epistle of Jude and concludes that Jude’s message is every bit relevant to us today in Maidenhead as it was to the 1st Century citizens of Pompeii. This can be seen in terms of “Worldly Culture” verses “God’s Culture”.
Mike Holt
Mike Holt
15 Jul 2018
Knowing Jesus - God is Love     Listen     Download     
Mike refers to 1 John chapter 4 where the theme is God’s life giving love. Mike draws out three important points, God is the source of all love, God models what genuine unconditional love is, and God commands us to love each other.
Andy Read
Andy Read
01 Jul 2018
Knowing Jesus - Generations     Listen     Download     Slides
Andy Read looks at 1 John 2:12-14, with exhortation, encouragement and challenge for three groups of people.  
Colin Barnes
24 Jun 2018
Knowing Jesus - Sharing Christ's Sufferings     Listen     Download
Colin refers to 1 Peter 4:12-19, where Peter talks about suffering for being a Christian. We all need to embrace the suffering of Jesus, “suffering produces perseverance; perseverance produces character and character produces hope, (Romans 5).”
Colin Barnes
10 Jun 2018
Knowing Jesus - A Tale of Two Envies     Listen     Download       
Colin looks at the two envies in James chapters 3:13 to 4:7, ‘Poison Envy’ a self-centred envy fuelled by pride and ‘Heavenly Envy’ which is other-centred and seeks relationship with God.
Rachel Smith
03 Jun 2018
Knowing Jesus - Wisdom from Above     Listen     Download       
Rachel refers to the epistle James, chapters 1 to 3. James wrote this book as persecution was beginning to get worse for the early church. Rachel focuses on life’s challenges and the temptations and trials that bring disappointment.
Ceri Davies
Ceri Davies
27 May 2018
Knowing Jesus - Our Life of Faith     Listen     Download     
Ceri refers to Hebrews chapters 11 and 12 where the writer talks about ‘Faith in Action’ and asks us “What is Faith?” God calls us to be a people of faith not fear.
Simon Tempest
20 May 2018
Knowing Jesus - Boldly we approach the throne     Listen     Download     Slides
From Hebrew 8-10 Simon describes the awe and majesty of Jesus, our priest and king, and what that means for us today, tomorrow and beyond here in Maidenhead.
Andy ReadAndy Read
13 May 2018
Knowing Jesus - The Priest King     Listen     Download
Continuing in Hebrews Andy Read explores Jesus as our Priest King "in the order of Melchizedek" and how He helps us explore life's big questions - am I ok and will everything be OK?
Mike Holt
Mike Holt
06 May 2018
Knowing Jesus - Hebrews     Listen     Download
In our Knowing Jesus series Mike looks at Hebrews chapter 3 verses 1 to 6. The letter of Hebrews focuses on the person of Jesus and Mike looks at three points, how we should ‘Consider Jesus’; ‘Confess Jesus’; and ‘Continue in Jesus’.
Ceri Davies
Ceri Davies
29 Apr 2018
1 Timothy     Listen     Download
Ceri gives us an overview of 1 Timothy, where Paul sees himself as a spiritual father to Timothy and writes to the young church leader on how to run his church in Ephesus.
Steve Briggs
8 Apr 2018
Testimony Sunday     Listen     Download
Steve leads a meeting where church members share their thoughts of pieces of prophetic art they have created and others share testimonies of their recent walk with God. ONLY GOD can turn a Mess into a Message; a Trial into a Triumph and a Test into a Testimony.
Simon Tempest
1 Apr 2018
Revealing Jesus - I Am The Resurrection     Listen     Download
In the last of our ‘Revealing Jesus’ series Simon explains the miraculous events of Easter through the story of Lazarus’s death and resurrection described in John chapter 11.
Dave Vann
25 Mar 2018
Revealing Jesus - The World is Not Enough     Listen     Download
Dave gives his understanding and wonderful insight of the passage in John’s letter, 1 John chapter 2. “Do not love the world nor things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”
Ceri Davies
Ceri Davies
18 Mar 2018
Revealing Jesus - I Live to Worship You     Listen     Download
Ceri refers to the letter of 1 John, written to warn about the increasing threat of false teachings and to reassure Christians of their faith and love in Jesus. This letter shows us how to reveal Jesus into this world by living to worship God. It is who we are made to be.
Rachel Smith
11 Mar 2018
Revealing Jesus - Don't Lose Sight     Listen     Download
Rachel refers to 2 Corinthians 10, where Paul writes to the new believers in Corinth, which at the time was being influenced by the world around them. The church had been infiltrated by false teachers and they were being lured away from the simple purity of their love of Christ.
Andy ReadAndy Read
04 Mar 2018
In Jars of Clay     Listen     Download
Andy refers to verses from 2 Corinthians where Paul struggles with issues that we all have to grapple with. In the midst of all this brokenness, there is treasure within ‘Jars of Clay’. By faith there is a new reality and hope in Jesus.
Colin Barnes
25 Feb 2018
Gospel "F.I.R.E."     Listen     Download
Colin uses the acronym F.I.R.E., Fatherhood, Independence, Reconciliation, Empowerment and shows how these are used in the parable of The Prodigal Son to communicate who God is.
Leo Bigger
18 Feb 2018
Be a Light     Watch
Today we have a video message entitled "Be a Light" from Leo Bigger, pastor of International Christian Fellowship church in Zurich, Switzerland. The video message begins at 44 mins and 33 secs in.
Mike HoltMike Holt
11 Feb 2018 
Race for a Crown     Listen     Download
Mike brings an inspiring message referring to 1 Corinthians, 5 to 9 where in chapter 9, Paul uses the analogy of running a race to describe the Christian life. It is like running a marathon, a race that requires preparation and endurance to win a crown of righteousness that will last forever.
Colin BarnesColin Barnes
04 Feb 2018
A Letter to the Heart of Empire     Listen     Download
Colin summarises Romans, not in the typical way, but with emphasis on righteousness through faith, cooperation with the authorities, peace, and joy in the Spirit. Paul realised, this way, Jesus' teachings are available to all.
Andy Read
28 Jan 2018
Honouring the Past. Pressing into the Future     Listen     Download     Slides
Continuing our Revealing Jesus series, Andy gives an overview of Romans, 11 to 15 - also relating it to a new season for River Church Maidenhead. Let’s learn from and honour the past, as we move forward in dedication and love.
Ceri DaviesCeri Davies
21 Jan 2018
Launch Meeting - CAP Debt Centre     Listen     Download
In our last meeting at Desborough College, Ceri officially launches our new CAP Debt Centre as part of our “mission to Maidenhead”, as well as commissioning Andrew Green into his role as debt centre manager.
Ceri DaviesCeri Davies
07 Jan 2018
Faith, Hope and Love in 2018     Listen     Download
Ceri sets out the plan for the New Year. New bible readings, a new venue, new encouragement and a new dedication. She asks God and the Holy Spirit to be with us on this journey.