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Maidenhead Talks 2004 - 2008

This page gives links enabling you to listen online to recordings made from 2004-2008 (click on the required teaching title below). If required the same files can be downloaded via the main media libary pages.

Title   Date
The Work of Re:Charge A drop in Centre for young people Lucy Pettitt 04/08/2008
Spiritual or Religious Mindset Christen Forster 27/07/2008
The return of Colin Barnes and enlarged family Colin Barnes 20/07/2008
Maidenhead Team Vision Ian & team 13/07/2008
Made According to Pattern Aleck Harrison 20/04/2008
Vision Sunday Maidenhead Leadership Team 13/04/2008
Opening Channels of Blessing Andy Read 06/04/2008
Resurrection Morning Christen & Judith Forster 23/03/2008
Princes and princesses pressing onward, as one Dave Jones 16/03/2008
Being encouraged and being an encourager Liz Challis 09/03/2008
Ian's Heart for River Church Maidenhead Ian Linton
Judith Forster
Crossing the River Andy Read 17/02/2008
Maidenhead Leadership Handover Judith Forster
Ian Linton
Faithfulness and Revelation Christen Forster 27/01/2008
Spirit of honour and of taking offence Stephen Klemich 20/01/2008
Remember, remember Judith Forster 13/01/2008
Interrupted by the Lord Judith Forster 09/12/2007
All about the Presence of God Vicki Earll 25/11/2007
Open Lines of Communication Helen Davies 04/11/2007
Testimony Sunday - Oct 2007 various 28/10/2007
How God speaks to us Christen Forster 21/10/2007
Being the Light of the World Mark & Jane Burlinson 14/10/2007
Ushering in the Messianic Kingdom Banning Liebscher 07/10/2007
The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength Andy Read 30/09/2007
Encouragment from Philippians Christen Forster 23/09/2007
Overview of Philippians Tim Stone 02/09/2007
The Father Heart of God Pete Davis 19/08/2007
Your full potential in God Judith Forster 12/08/2007
Testimony Sunday - Aug 2007 Various 29/07/2007
Back to Basics Colin Barnes 22/07/2007
The Father's Heart Patrick Nsereko 15/07/2007
True Fasting and Worship Andy Read 08/07/2007
Let Your Heart Be Healed By Jesus Stephen and Mara Klemich 01/07/2007
Doors of Destiny Judith Forster 24/06/2007
Fruitfulness versus Success Christen Forster 17/06/2007
Christianity 101 (Dedication Sunday) Christen Forster 20/05/2007
Walking in the Holy Spirit Tom Curtis 13/05/2007
Children of God Judith Forster 06/05/2007
Do you know who is in your house? Deborah Reed 29/04/2007
One Gospel Colin Barnes 22/04/2007
Marching Together, Citizens of Heaven Tim Stone 15/04/2007
Easter Sunday – The Atonement Chris Forster 08/04/2007
Jesus - Fully Human and Fully Divine Helen Davies 01/04/2007
Taking stock Judith Forster 25/03/2007
Co-heirs with Jesus Christen Forster 18/03/2007
A Community That Walks With God Andy Read 11/03/2007
Dealing with pressure Judith Forster 25/02/2007
Testimony Day various 18/02/2007
We were made for work Chris Forster 11/02/2007
Contact with God Al Bullen 04/02/2007
We are in a battle Colin Barnes 28/01/2007
Vision 2007 Judith Forster 23/01/2007
Church is a community that knows how to... (Part 2 of 2) Judith Forster 21/01/2007
Church is a community that knows how to... (Part 1 of 2) Judith Forster 14/01/2007
Transforming communities through the name of Jesus Steve Dixon 07/01/2007
God is a God of growth Judith Forster 31/12/2006
Mystery, Revelation and Manifestation Chris Forster 10/12/2006
Things done in secret: Godly and Godless Judith Forster 12/11/2006
More testimonies from SundayPM various 29/10/2006
Maidenhead testimony sunday, including reports from Bethel various 29/10/2006
Imitators of God Tim Stone 22/10/2006
You can lose your inheritance - or choose to keep it Chris Forster 15/10/2006
God's Home Al Bullen 08/10/2006
Eph 2: Our Destiny in Christ Helen Davies 24/09/2006
Eph 1: God's plans and purposes for us Colin Barnes 17/09/2006
Prayer, Patience, Perspective, Prophecy, Power Colin Barnes 13/08/2006
Believe in the dreams He has given you Paul Manwaring 30/07/2006
Baptism and meaning it Tim Stone 23/07/2006
Get in Training Chris Forster 16/07/2006
Bolivia report back Hayley Cox 16/07/2006
Bringing in the Kingdom Andy Read 09/07/2006
Testimony Sunday (God) 25/06/2006
Culture Matters Chris Forster 18/06/2006
Getting the clouds to lift Colin Barnes 11/06/2006
Authority of Jesus: part 3 of "Intimacy and involvement" Chris Forster 28/05/2006
Having the face of an Angel Colin Barnes 23/04/2006
Easter Sunday - The winning team Chris Forster 16/04/2006
Vision - finding and keeping Al Bullen 09/04/2006
Testimonies from  the Redding trip, and Michael Kolisang various 19/03/2006
The woman who anointed Jesus Liz Challis 19/02/2006
Gabriel, Zechariah and Mary Judith Forster 11/12/2005
Stepping into your Inheritance Chris Forster 27/11/2005
What's in your hand (poor sound quality) Andy Read 27/11/2005
Spiritual Blindness Helen Davies 20/11/2005
Managing your inputs and outputs Chris Forster 13/11/2005
Man at the pool - finding the excluded seekers Chris Forster


Water into Wine - don't miss the miracle Chris Forster 25/09/2005
Using the Gift Jane van Renen & Judith Forster 11/09/2005
Who's in - Who's Out - The Inclusive Gospel Andy Read  26/06/2005
Walking with Jesus Chris Forster 19/06/2005 
The Dancing Father! - The Gospel God pt 2 Chris Forster 24/04/2005
Hitting The Smite Button? - The Gospel God  Andy Read  17/04/2005 
The Mystery of the Cross  Chris Forster  27/03/2005 
The Unity of the Spirit Chris Forster 20/03/2005
Vision for 2005 Judith Forster 09/01/2005
Immanuel - the meaning of God with us Chris Forster 12/12/2004
Lessons from Mary - Birthing God's Purposes Chris Forster 28/11/2004
Wells of Blessing Andy Read 14/11/2004
Friends of God Judith Forster 24/10/2004
Baptism, a lifestyle Chris Forster 17/10/2004