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The Trustees

River Church is a UK registered charity 1146525 and as such is regulated by the Charity Commission. Like all charities we have a governing body of Trustees. Trustees are appointed by the leaders and members of the River Churches to serve us all; they have the responsibility of ensuring the River Church charity is well run and looks after its resources appropriately, to ensure the charitable objectives of River are achieved both now and in the long-term. Trustees also support the Church Leaders to develop their longer-term strategies, by bringing independence to decision-making and by holding them to account, on the members' behalf, for the things they have set out to achieve for the Kingdom of God.

Think of it like bouncing on a trampoline: in part, Trustees act as a safety net allowing the Church Leaders to bounce as high and as far as they can to grow the Church whilst at the same time giving them a safe place to return ready for the next big jump. Quite rightly, most of their work goes unnoticed, which for most of the time means things are going well.

Mike Holt Ash Sanger Ian Linton
Mike Holt
Chair of Trustees
Ash Vickers Ian Linton
Alistair Handford
Alistair Handford

Mary Porter
Mary Porter

lina Rachael
Lina Read
Rachael Pymm