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The Churches Leaders

The four churches in the River family are located in Maidenhead, Marlow, Slough and Englefield Green (The Journey). We share a common vision to bring the life of Jesus and His kingdom wherever we are. Each church has its own Church Leader although, in some cases, this is a shared role.
The four churches work together and support one another through a Relational Agreement.

The Leaders also work together with the single body of River Trustees to carry the spiritual responsibility for River Church, and to seek and oversee the central vision, strategy, finance and other practical aspects of being four churches in one. We all love serving River in this way and are whole-heartedly committed to seeing River fulfil its God-given calling and destiny.
Maidenhead: Ceri and Adam
Ceri 2019  Adam

Marlow: Anthea & Paul
Anthea Wratten  Paul Wratten

Slough: Julie
Juliet Ioakeim

The Journey: Diana, Joel, Linda & Rachael
diana  Joel  Linda  Rachael