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Contact Us

In many respects the River Churches operate independently. The preferred method of initial contact is to email the relevant church team directly using one of the following addresses    
If however your enquiry relates to all the River Churches rather than just to one, please use the email address or phone number shown below in the footer.
Snail mail:
If you need to send anything by post to one of the River Churches please request an appropriate address to use via the relevant email link above (i.e. don't use the registered address shown in the footer as we don't have people working there).

Raise a Concern

Whether you are an employee or member of River Church, or neither of these, if you have serious concerns about any aspect of the way the Church is run or a complaint about any incident that has occurred, please be assured that you can raise them in confidence to a senior manager and that they will be considered impartially with appropriate care and attention. You can read our ‘Whistleblowing’ policy in this document