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River Together 

River Together is the name we give to the Sunday mornings when all of the different churches of River Church combine in one venue. They are always important opportunities for us to express our unity under a common vision and set of values.

See below for details of our gatherings during 2018:

  • 14th January - Desborough College, Maidenhead
  • 22nd April - Altwood CoE School, Maidenhead
  • 8th July - Great Marlow School, Marlow
  • 23rd September - New Season Sunday! The meeting in September 2018 was significantly important to the River family as we transitioned from one senior leader - Colin Barnes -  and team, to a new senior leadership team, headed by Ceri Davies. Click here to read about the day and watch the leadership team talk about this important milestone in the River Family life.
  • 18th November - Altwood CoE School, Maidenhead. Watch Ceri Davies invite us all to come, to listen to our guest speaker and to rejoice together as a family.


Library of talks from River Together meetings
River Times magazine (only available to logged on members)
Ruth Palomino, 06/11/2018