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Talks from Slough Meetings 2020-21

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Slough Sunday meetings this year. Click on the title to Listen Now or to Download to your device.

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mary porter 2021 Christmas Gifts from Father God
Mary Porter     19 Dec
Seeing all the things Jesus was born to be from Genesis to Revelations
Dorothy Basham Journey To The King
Dorothy Basham     05 Dec
Hear how the journey of the wise men encourages us in our personal walk with Jesus.
mary porter 2021 Faith For Salvation
Mary Porter     21 Nov
Salvation comes through and by faith in God's Word, no other way.
Juliet Ioakeim Fear Not, The Lord God is With You
Julie Ioakeim     14 Nov
Julie uses the story of Daniel as an example of God's protection for His children
mary porter 2021 I Don’t Care
Mary Porter     31 Oct
God loves me no matter what!
Dorothy Basham Mighty Oaks Grow From Little Acorns
Dorothy Basham     24 Oct
Keep ourselves positioned, watered and trusting in God as we grow into maturity.
Juliet Ioakeim Jesus' Compassion For Us
Julie Ioakeim     17 Oct
Understanding the depth of Jesus compassion for us, enables us to know who we are in Him, changes how we live and affects those around us
Ceri Davies Choosing Relationship Over Religion 
Ceri Davies     10 Oct
In Part 4 of our "Living Like Jesus" series, we explore how Jesus always chose relationship over religion, and take a look at a story in Mark 3 to help us understand how important it is for us too.
mary porter 2021 Living Out of Scripture
Mary Porter     3 Oct
Learning how to study and apply Biblical teachings to everyday life.
Juliet Ioakeim Living in The Father's Love 
Julie Ioakeim      26 Sep
Julie talks about how a revelation of The Fathers love will transform our thinking and moving in the supernatural
Peter O'Boyle God's Love For Us
Peter O'Boyle     19  Sep
The love of God is vast. He delights over His children and wants us to be full of His love so we can love others.   
Dorothy Basham Staying Fully Connected With God
Dorothy Basham     12 Sep
Fruits of the Spirit.
mary porter 2021 Soaking In God's Presence
Mary Porter     5 Sep
Learning how to do the "Grown Up Things of God

Dewald Koch Love Each Other
Dewald Koch     29 Aug
Hearing how the world will "know and recognize" us as followers of Jesus -- by our love for one another.

mary porter 2021 Anointing
Mary Porter     22 Aug
Taking a look at some aspects of being "anointed"
mary porter 2021 Breaking The Mouldy Moulds
Mary Porter     01 Aug
Breakthroughs come as we get in and stay in the Word.

Andy Read 2019 Freedom Through Forgiveness 
Andy Read     25 July
The forgiveness and acceptance Jesus modelled is challenging and unreasonable. But it is also powerful and liberating, for ourselves and others.
Juliet Ioakeim Take Captive Our Thoughts
Julie Ioakeim     18 July
Julie reminds us that what we allow to stay in our thoughts is what we are having faith for. Therefore, take captive our thoughts and bring them back in line with what God says.
Dorothy Basham The Cross Sets Us Free
Dorothy Basham     04 July
Jesus invites us into God's family and life in eternity.
mary porter 2021 Tomorrow Always Comes
Mary Porter     20 Jun
How Father God intimately sees us in our Tomorrows.

Colin 2021 The Volunteer God
Colin barnes     13 Jun
The latest episode in our Jesus-Shaped God series exposes another idea that Jesus turns on its head.   The kingdom comes, not because God controls everything and ordains it, but as we volunteer for Jesus duty and allow him to work through us.  Colin explains what we can expect as God's co-workers.
Juliet Ioakeim When We Are Weak He Is Strong
Julie Ioakeim     06 Jun
God uses the weak, the few, and those that question 'but who am I?' because in our weakness His strength is manifest and all glory goes to Him

Dorothy Basham A Teachable Heart 
Dorothy Basham     23 May
Learning from what Jesus says, we seek to grow in our knowledge and understanding of the written Word.
Mary Porter The Forgiving God
Mary Porter     16 May
Jesus demonstrates the forgiving heart of Father God and Mary shows the reasons and results of that forgiveness.

George Port 2020 Treasures in Heaven
George Port     9 May
God's memory box. (Matt 6:19-21)
Colin 2021 The Human God
Colin Barnes     2 May
Men have always sought a way up to God or enlightenment, but Jesus is the God who comes down to us.   God becomes human to show us the way to become God-like.  He descends to raise us up and enable us to live a life of wonder!
al2020 Jesus Revealing the Nature of God on Earth
Alistair Bullen     25 Apr
What was really important to Jesus? What was His ministry really built around? And what was His legacy?

Juliet Ioakeim The Promised Land
Julie Ioakeim     11 Apr
Sometimes we have to move out of our comfort zone to have our prayers answered

Mary Porter Three Impacts of Easter
Mary Porter     4 Apr
How the Easter story has changed the world

Dorothy Basham The miracle of Lazarus
Dorothy Basham     20 Mar
The miracle of life, given not just for Lazarus but for us all today.

Mary Porter A Tale of Two Healings 
Mary Porter     21 Mar
Taking a look at Signs of New Life from two miracles in John's gospel.

Ceri Davies Freedom from fear 
Ceri Davies     14 Mar
God's heart is that we would never live in fear: how do we manage that? The answer lies in living as dearly loved children and not as orphans.

Simon Tempest 2020 The Feeding of the 5,000: In Partnership With God 
Simon Tempest     28 Feb
Simon considers how Jesus partners with the disciples to feed the multitude in the wilderness, and looks at what happens between Him and the crowd.

Andy Read 2019 Living by Law or Love
Andy Read     21 Feb
The healing of the man at the pool of Bethesda is amazing as a miracle. But in the story of this healing, in looking at how Jesus approached the man, cared for him and dealt with criticism we can see some important principles for life in God’s Kingdom.

Gill Stott How Big Is Your Love 
Gill Stott     14 Feb
Two friends help us think through the challenge posed by the "impossible love commandment" of Deut.6 v 5 - with some surprising results!

Juliet Ioakeim Water Into Wine - but so much more!
Julie Ioakeim     7 Feb
A more in-depth look at the significance of an ancient Jewish wedding ceremony and Jesus' first miracle of turning water into wine.

Dorothy Basham Clay In Our Father's Hands
Dorothy Basham      31 Jan
How we can allow ourselves to be 'moulded' into someone that walks and shines Jesus. Into some one that is willing to yield in every area so that we being Him glory.
Colin 168 We are the Light of the World
Colin Barnes     24 Jan
Jesus is the light of the world, helping us live joyfully despite the difficult days.  Colin unpacks a couple of ways we can live as anointed followers of Jesus, helping him drive out the darkness that seeks to oppress us and those we live amongst.
Mary Porter The Gospel in Prophetic Names
Mary Porter     17 Jan
Jesus' ministry laid out in the prophetic names of the "begats" in Matthew 1: 1-17.

  Click here to watch / listen to the River Together meeting     10 Jan   
Juliet Ioakeim Christmas Message 
Julie Ioakeim     20 Dec
The Christmas Message told by Julie 

George Port 2020 Saul to Paul
George Port     13 Dec
A story to tell 

Colin 168 Spirit Led Witnesses 
Colin Barnes     06 Dec
Colin takes us to the river as he inspires us to become hope filled fishers of men.

Dorothy Basham Know God
Dorothy Basham     29 Nov
walk in obedience and be compelled by Holy Spirit.

Steve Clifford Our help in times of trouble
Steve  Clifford     22 Nov
Drawing on personal experience Tabby tells her 2020 story and how she has found blessing and experienced grace through very difficult circumstances.

Juliet Ioakeim God of Miracles
Julie Ioakeim     15 Nov
Julie shares a few testimonies of how God is still the God of breakthrough and miracles

Florence Peters Who Do You Think You Are
Florence Peters     8 Nov 
Discover your identity as sons and daughters of the Most High to live victorious lives.

Mary Porter What’s Now, and What’s Next  Part 1 of 2
Mary Porter     25 Oct
A message of where we are now spiritually as a church, and then where do we go from here.

Florence Peters Witnesses to Gentiles
Florence Peters     11 Oct
God's love, his grace and his salvation is for the whole world.

Andy Read 2019 Living in the Unknown
Andy Read     4 Oct
Living as People of the Spirit isn’t always predictable or easy. The early church found that it shattered their preconceptions -but also that as they stepped out in faith, God was always with them.

Mary Porter Staying In Jerusalem
Mary Porter     27 Sep
The Holy Spirit uses us wherever we are

Juliet Ioakeim Acts 2, Holy Spirit Transformation
Julie Ioakeim     20 Sep
Receive Holy Spirit
Dorothy Basham The gift of Holy Spirit
Dorothy Basham     13 Sep
As the disciples received,  so that same gift is offered to us today.
Colin 168 Inexpressible Joy! 
Colin Barnes     6 Sep
Discover how we can live in great joy despite the difficult circumstances and trials of life. 

George Port 2020 Surrender
George Port     30 Aug
White flag to purple and gold banner.

Florence Peters Florence shares part of her prayer journey using the Lord's prayer
Florence Peters     23 Aug 
A walk through part of the Lord's prayer using God's names to remind us of who God is to us.

Juliet Ioakeim Look forward and run with me
Julie Ioakeim     09 Aug
There were times when God felt it was so important to look forward and not hold onto the past that He even changed people’s names as a reminder
Gill Stott Remembering to remember
Gill Stott     26 July
The power and vital importance of rightfully remembering what God has done
Mary Porter Overcoming Fear      
Mary Porter     19 July
Looking at how to stay fear-free in these troubled times.

d tran Prepare for More
Debi Tran       5 July
Get ready and position yourself for more.

Dorothy Basham Blessed are the Peacemakers
Dorothy Basham     28 June
Know God's peace in our hearts as we look towards Jesus, enabling us to be peacemakers in our lifetime.

George Port 2020 Peacemaker
George Port     21 June
The wholeness of God

Mary Porter Mercy to Mercy
Mary Porter     14 June
Taking a look at different aspects of Mercy from Matthew 5: 7

Andy Read 2019 The Righteousness Hungry 
Andy Read     7 June
In the Kingdom of Heaven, the dispossessed get justice

Juliet Ioakeim If We Could See What God Can See
Julie ioakeim     31 May
Colin 168 Clinging to Jesus
Colin Barnes     24 May
Colin reveals how the Gospel of John begins by declaring that Jesus is the fulfilment of all God's plans in creation, and how dwelling in that knowledge helps us live well through these tough days.
Mary Porter Blessed are the meek
Mary Porter     17 May
Taking a look at being blessed by walking in the power of meekness
Dorothy Basham A Journey Through Revelation 21: 1-5
Dorothy Basham      10 May
Recognising that God's eternal plan to dwell with us never changes!

Juliet Ioakeim God Blesses Those Who Are Poor In Spirit
Juliet Ioakeim     3 May
Trusting in God opens the door to His blessings.

George Port 2020 Our Good Shepherd
George Port     26 April
Comfort and encouragement.
Mary Porter Resurrection Day
Mary Porter     12 April
What could your Resurrection Day look like.

Juliet Ioakeim This Is The Time To Build God's Temple
Juliet Ioakeim      5 April
Julie teaches us how we can build God's Temple in our everyday lives

Dorothy Basham Dorothy Encourages Us From Isaiah
Dorothy Basham     29 March
Remembering who we are as we continue to pray through confusing times.
Juliet Ioakeim Listening to God
Juliet Ioakeim     15 March
God's full blessing is released when we listen to His guidance and not mans. David listened and was known as a man after God's own heart.
Dorothy Basham The Key To Serving God
Dorothy Basham     08 March
Dorothy explains the key to serving God through the stories of Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath.
Colin Elijah - the man who stood up
Colin Barnes     01 March
Elijah learned he could trust the Lord to answer his call. Along the way he also realised that his highs were not as high as he'd hoped and his lows were not as low as he feared. Of all the Old Testament characters, he moved in miracle-waking power the most like Jesus. However, he was a man, 'just like us', and his real strength was listening to the still small voice of God.
Gill Stott Freely giving becomes freely receiving in Jesus' upside-down Kingdom!
Gill Stott     23 February
We just cannot out-give God! As we sharpened our prophetic tools through activation today, we freely gave AND received special personal revelation and encouragement.
George Port A gift from God to God 
George Port     16 February
Faithfulness to a faithful God.

Juliet Ioakeim Hannah
Julie Ioakeim     09 Febuary
Hannah, the woman who lays all before the Lord.
Colin Jabez, The Man Who Was Blessed
Colin Barnes     02 February
Colin unpacks how Jabez overcame the curse of his name through his faith in a God who loves to bless, protect and provide. A God who hears and answers sincere prayer.
Mary Porter 2018 Sarah's Laughter
Mary Porter     26 January
Seeing how a cheerful heart heals
Florence Peters Moving Forward Into The New Season
Florence Peters     19 January
Florence recounts River Slough’s history and anticipates our future with God with great excitement.
Mary Porter 2018 Vision and Hope Part 2
Mary Porter     05 January
Focusing on Hope through changes.
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