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Slough Talks 2012-2013

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Slough Sunday meetings. To download a file, right-click the relevant link and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...' 
(If you want to view the catalogue of Slough talks prior to September 2011 click here)

Let's Just Laugh At That Lie!     Listen     Download
Sabina explains that our 'hope level' is an indicator of whether we believe truth or lies.
Sabina Moody
Sabina Moody
15 Dec 13
Intimacy and governance     Listen     Download

Al Bullen speaks passionately about intimacy and governance.
Al Bullen
Al Bullen
08 Dec 13
How God relates to us     Listen     Download     Slides

Florence takes us through Exodus Chapter 3 and describes nine ways in which God relates to us.
Florence Peters
Florence Peters
01 Dec 13
Bringing Life     Listen     Download     Slides
What does it look like to connect people to life beyond measure?
Andy Read
Andy Read
24 Nov 13
Healing ministry part 2     Listen     Download
Ian shares more thoughts on praying for healing and describes some of the common stumbling blocks.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
10 Nov 13
God our Healer     Listen     Download
Ian argues passionately that God always wants to heal us.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
03 Nov 13
Thinking God's thoughts!     Listen     Download

Jan asserts that God is always planning for blessing, and loves to share his strategies and thoughts with his friends: so we can cooperate with bringing hopefulness to the world.
Jan Vickers
Jan Vickers
27 Oct 13
Pursuing The Presence      Listen     Download     

Ian discusses the priority and importance of pursuing the presence of God.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
20 Oct 13
Overwhelming Presence     Listen     Download

The Lord’s heart is for us to be overwhelmed by Him, to know Him and His love for us so intimately that we are overwhelmed. Colin describes the keys that enable him to enter the presence of God, the place of freedom and transformation.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
13 Oct 13
Freedom to be yourself     Listen     Download
Many Christians think “If I believe more I’ll be ok”; but it’s not that simple. We live at various levels in our lives – and God wants to meet us in every one.
Al Bullen
Al Bullen
06 Oct 13
Not by power or by might but by my Spirit says the Lord     Listen     Download

God supplies the Grace and power and strength to participate in the building of His Kingdom. Our job is to pray and sow, sow and pray trusting Him to bring the growth.
Ian Moody
Ian moody
22 Sep 13
Be prepared; and Aim high     Listen     Download
Nigel shares some of the things that God has been speaking to him about recently, including being prepared to share our faith, seeking first the Kingdom, and aiming high.
Nigel Stock
Nigel Stock
01 Sep 13
Faith Robbers     Listen     Download

Looking at Gideon's response to the Angel reveals two issues that can steal our faith and effectiveness in representing Jesus and His Kingdom.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
25 Aug 13
Designer Label     Listen     Download     Slides

Andy speaks on living In Faith, Hope and Love
Andy Read
Andy Read
18 Aug 13
How to be a glove     Listen     Download

As Jesus became the focus of the Kingdom, so also we can become the focus through which Father reveals and demonstrates His Kingdom.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
04 Aug 13
This Promise Is for You     Listen     Download

Nigel looks at the way God expanded The Apostles' understanding.
Nigel Stock
Nigel Stock
21 Jul 13
Going the extra mile     Listen     Download
Guest speaker Herbert Wanjala is Director of the Uganda base of Wellspring Africa with whom River has close contact through Di Chapman and others. Here he speaks about going the extra mile.
Herbert Wanjala
 Dr Herbert Wanjala
07 Jul 13
The Lost Son     Listen     Download     YouTube clip

David Tarr - Guest Speaker from London Teen Challenge - speaks on The Lost Son.
David Tarr
30 Jun 13
Time to Adventure     Listen     Download

The challenge and call of Jesus to adventure through life.

Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
23 Jun 13
Grace     Listen     Download

Receiving the grace of God to bring about the reality of “nations coming to our light and kings to the brightness of our dawning".
Seyi Oladipo
Seyi Oladipo
16 Jun 13
Arise and Shine     Listen     Download

Ian shares how Isaiah 60:1-3 is being fulfilled - and is to be fulfilled - in our day. ***Live as though you can't fail***

Ian Moody
Ian Moody
09 Jun 13
Enjoying our inheritance     LIsten     Download

Let's enjoy our inheritance as a family being lavished with Father’s love and carrying His authority and passions.
Jan Vickers
Jan Vickers
02 Jun 13
New expectations     Listen     Download

God's people have been given every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. But it is one thing to own it, and another thing to enjoy it all. Don't let past experience or expectations affect what God wants to do in the future.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
26 May 13
Keeping It Simple     Listen     Download

Nigel Stock appeals to us not to let the theology get in the way of faith.
Nigel Stock
12 May 13
God’s superheroes     Listen     Download     Slides

Who are they? The Bible is full of people who many would disqualify – in fact often they disqualified themselves! ‘Who am I?’ ‘How can I?’ And yet....
Andy Read
05 May 13
Choices     Listen     Download     YouTube clip     

No matter what’s happening around us it’s how we choose to respond that matters the most.
Sabina Moody
28 Apr 13
Ways that God guides us     Listen     Download

Di speaks about some of the ways in which God guides us in our personal walk with Jesus.

Di Chapman
21 Apr 13
Living in the River     Listen     Download

The River of God flows continuously and God invites us to jump in over our heads. We live in the river by trusting in Him.

Ian Moody
Ian Moody
07 Apr 13
Resurrection     Listen     Download

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life, and He is looking to bring resurrection to hopeless situations both in our lives and the lives of those we meet. To do that He needs men and women of faith who are prepared to look stupid and declare resurrection in His name.
Colin Barnes
24 Mar 13
Knowing God's Strength     Listen     Downloads
Ian talks about Citizenship, about knowing God's strength in our lives, and being transformed by the renewing of our minds.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
17 Mar 13
God loves me     Listen     Download

Seyi seeks to help us better understand that it all starts with God's love for us and the power that is available through that love. 
Seyi Oladipo
03 Mar 13
The importance of testimony     Listen     Download

Jean talks about her journey with God this year.

The track played was "I sing to help my heart remember" from the album "Ladders, Rocks and Lightning Swords" by Andy Smith. Download it from here for a small fee.
Jean Stock
24 Feb 13
Seize the opportunity     Listen     Download
Val encourages us to give ourselves fully to God: to let go and let Him work in and through us, to spread good news and make a real difference.

An update on the Boys' Home (Andy Simcock)     Listen     Download
Val Simcock   10 Feb 13
Andy  Val Simcock
Looking on the face of Christ     Listen     Download
Nigel Stock shares some of the things that God has been showing him over the last few weeks about gazing on Jesus face.
Nigel Stock
Nigel Stock
03 Feb 13
Immanuel – God with us     Listen     Download

Andy Read shares from his recent trip to Uganda, where he found something new about Incarnation in the life stories he heard there. 
Andy Read
Andy Read
06 Jan 13
Surprised By Peace     Listen     Download

Christmas reminds us that God's way are not our ways. He comes to bring us peace, but often in ways we’re not expecting. 

Colin Barnes
23 Dec 12
Jesus, The Real Deal     Listen     Download

Jesus in His own words and what this means for us.
Seyi Oladipo
16 Dec 12
Encouragement and Hope     Listen     Download

Diana brings Encouragement and Hope from the lives of Joshua and Caleb, who, because they lived by faith and not by sight, entered into their inheritance.
Di Chapman
09 Dec 12
Releasing Our Prophetic Identity     Listen     Download

Releasing our Prophetic identity and Calling - encouragement from the story of Gideon.

Jan Vickers
02 Dec 12
Community     Listen     Download     Slides

Community is central to God’s heart and character. The church was never intended to be a collection of saved individuals but a community of faith. What does that mean for us and how we live?
Andy Read
Andy Read
25 Nov 12
Becoming a people of Presence and Grace     Listen     Download

Colin talks about learning to avoid getting what we deserve, by choosing to live under Grace and practising living the Presence of the God who loves us all.
Colin Barnes
14 Oct 12
Find the Men of Peace     Listen     Download     YouTube clip

Diana Chapman asserts that asking the Holy Spirit to lead us to ‘men of peace’ in Slough’s communities is a key to the spread of the Gospel in the town.
Di Chapman
07 Oct 12
The Righteousness Of Christ     Listen     Download
Receiving the righteousness of Christ gets us in the right image before God, and grants us access to come before him with boldness.

Seyi Oladipo
30 Sep 12
A look at the life of Peter and living in the power of the Holy Spirit     Listen     Download

Peter was an ordinary person like you and me, but he did extraordinary things (as well as make a few huge mistakes!) What was his secret? Can we do the same?
Vicky Earll
02 Sep 12
A Word for Slough     Listen     Download

Di gives a word for Slough and the congregation from Isaiah 60 verses 1-5.
Di Chapman
Di Chapman
26 Aug 12
The God Who Sees Me     Listen     Download

Hagar’s story of being seen by the invisible God in Genesis 16
John Brannan
12 Aug 12
Don't forget to remember     Listen     Download     Youtube clip

Recalling God’s Deliverance in the past is a vital key to seeing Him do more in our lives.  
Seyi Oladipo

15 Jul 12
I will lead you     Listen     Download
Colin brings a word of encouragement that God WILL lead the congregation in the fresh ways forward it is seeking.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
08 Jul 12
Encouragement from the story of Gideon     Listen     Download     Slides     Video clip

God is for us not against us. God sees our potential.  
Andy Read
24 Jun 12
Music and Dancing     Listen     Download

Music and dancing are sounds of the Father’s house. Slough Congregation begins its Summer Advance on Father’s Day.  
Di Chapman
17 Jun 12
Let's celebrate what God is doing     Listen     Download
Colin encourages us to celebrate what God is doing rather than stumble over what He isn't.  
Colin Barnes
10 Jun 12
From Disappointment through Hope to Faith     Download
Taking King David as case study Al brings a powerful message about the Hope that God can bring out of situations of suffering and disappointment
Al Bullen
Al Bullen
03 Jun 12
Recognize Glory In One Another     Listen     Download      Slides     Video

Ceri Davies encourages the congregation to recognize glory in one another and to release life!  
Ceri Davies
27 May 12
Walking In Grace     Listen     Download

Vicky outlines what it means to walk in Grace, and to rely fully on God rather than on ourselves.
Vicky Earll
06 May 12
You Matter More Than You Think     Listen     Download

You matter more than you think .... to God, to the Church and to the world. 
Jan Vickers
29 Apr 12
There and present for you     Listen     Download

As we take the Bread and Wine the Lord says "I am here and present for you"
Diana Chapman
22 Apr 12
God speaks Resurrection over you!     Listen     Download

The cross explained and resurrection released.
Colin Barnes
08 Apr 12
Positioning ourselves for God's favour     Listen     Download

Florence speaks about having the right perspective of God as our Father with us as His children  
Florence Peters
25 Mar 12
Living In Blessings     Listen     Download

Di Chapman speaks on Living in Blessings.
Di Chapman
18 Mar 12
Discovering God as Father     Listen     Download

Vicky shares how she feels in this season God is wanting to reveal Himself afresh as Father to the congregation.  
Vicky Earll
04 Mar 12
The Kingdom Of God     Listen     Download 

Seyi speaks about the Kingdom Of God, and our spiritual nature as citizens of that Kingdom
Seyi Oladipo
Seyi Oladipo
26 Feb 12
Living in Rest     Listen     Download

Di Chapman speaks on the importance of knowing God's rest in our lives.
Di Chapman
19 Feb 12
Revival Starts In Us     Listen     Download     YouTube clip     Slides

Simon explains how Repentence always leads to Joy and puts us back in God's will through the grace of God's forgiveness.
Simon Cross
12 Feb 12
Jump!     Listen     Download

Al Bullen brings a powerful message that inspires each one of us take that leap of faith so we can walk fully in all that God has for us.
Al Bullen
22 Jan 12
How Will We Soar in 2012     Listen     Download     View slides

Andy speaks on "How will we soar in 2012" - Keys to soaring not flapping!
Andy Read
Andy Read
08 Jan 12