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Talks from Slough Meetings 2022

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Slough Sunday meetings this year. Click on the title to Listen Now or to Download to your device.

Previous years' talks are also available:  2008/09     2010/11     2012/13     2014/15    2016/17    2018    2019    2020/21

Juliet Ioakeim Pull out those weeds by their roots 
Julie Ioakeim    15 May
Julie talks about removing those things that hinder us from reaching our full potential that the Lord has planned for us.

mary porter 2021 Recipes Ingredients and Spoons
Mary Porter     8 May
what does it take to make a church
Juliet Ioakeim Rest and Allow the Lord to take the lead 
Julie Ioakeim      24  Apr
Resting with the Lord, and allowing Him to take the lead, and work with and through us, accomplishes so much more than we could ever strive to do in our own strength
Dorothy Basham Three witnesses - an Easter story
Dorothy Basham   17 Apr
Listen as Dorothy tells Peter's, Mary Magdalene's and a friend of Jesus's story over the time of crucifixion.
mary porter 2021 Stones or Praise
Mary Porter     10 Apr
What happened on Palm Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem
Juliet Ioakeim Partnering with Holy Spirit
Julie Ioakeim     27 Mar
Believing who we are in Christ, enables us to partner with Holy Spirit and walk in God's plan and purpose for our lives
Juliet Ioakeim The servant heart
Julie Ioakeim     20 Mar
Jesus taught us what a servant heart really means. He didn't just wash the disciples feet, He washed us completely from all our sins
Dorothy Basham Representing God
Dorothy Basham     13 Mar 
Dorothy looks at Jesus, Moses and David, who knew God's heart well, as she encourages us to represent Him well too.

mary porter 2021 TREASURES
Mary Porter     06 Mar
Looking at the deposits God has made in our lives for us...and to give away

Florence Peters Staying Awake 
Florance Peters     27 Feb
To God’s presence - To what God is doing around us - To God’s plans and his purposes - To his glory - To not putting Jesus on equal footing with anyone else - To misconceptions about God - To who we are in him - To bringing our praises to him in all circumstances.
Juliet Ioakeim Rhythms of grace
Julie Ioakeim     20 Feb
Julie talks about the benefits of a daily rhythm of spending time with the Lord. Psalm 103 Bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all His benefits
mary porter 2021 Counting The Cost
Mary Porter     13 Feb
Taking a look at what it means to say YES to God
Dorothy Basham How To Pray
Dorothy Basham     06 Feb
Inspired by Pete Greig's book 'how to pray' Dorothy encourages us through Pause, Rejoice, Ask and Yield.
Florence Peters Be Strong
Florance Peters     30 Jan
1. Be strong and courageous to inherit the land 2. Be strong and courageous to inherit the land 3. Be strong and courageous, do not be discouraged POINTS FOR US 1. Be strong in conviction 2. Be strong in commitment 3. Be strong in courage
Juliet Ioakeim The Goodness of God 
Juliet Ioakeim     09 Jan
Julie talks about God being good all the time and how we can look at our struggles as a time of preparation, just like fertiliser for the season of bloom that's coming