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Family Gatherings - River Together

We're not just individual churches, we are a family; and families love to get together!

River Together is the name we give to the Sunday mornings when all the churches of River Church gather together. These meetings are important opportunities for us to express our unity under a common vision and set of values. Join us from 10.00 with the meeting starting at 10.30am.

We’re really looking forward to celebrating together on Sunday January 16th when we officially mark our transition to being the River Churches, a community of local church families. The Senior Leadership Team will stand down and full responsibility and spiritual authority will be handed on to the leadership teams of the four River Churches.

This is an important and historic occasion for us as a community of believers. However, owing to the current COVID situation capacity will be limited, so you must pre-book seats for yourself and other family members at this meeting by using the button below.  If you are not able to register, please contact us for assistance. 

The meeting will be broadcast live via Zoom so that it is fully accessible by anyone who isn’t able to attend in person. The link is as follows:  Join Zoom Meeting  (Meeting ID: 97571231331 Passcode: 316316). Please join before 10:30, and ensure that your real name is displayed.
NB if you are a volunteer helping at the meeting (PA & AV team, worship band, welcomer etc) or one of the people taking part (member of a church leadership team, SLT member etc), you don't need to book seats for yourself OR your other half.