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We Are the People of God - Bible Reading Plan

9th September - 29th November


"Wherever the river flows, everything will live."    Ezekiel 47:9

What's it all about?

We are the people of God, but what does that mean? Not that he’s chosen us instead of others, but to reach others. Not that we’re saved and everyone else isn’t, but that he’s called us to a mission and given us a job to do. This term we are going to meditate on what that mission is, on what he’s called River to be and do. Jesus is bringing salvation to the world, a salvation we are already experiencing. Now he calls us his partners and has given us a part to play in accomplishing that great task.

How do I do that?

We are soaking ourselves in this mission by reading our Bibles, 5 days a week, dwelling on scriptures that will help us catch the heart of God for River.  To help us know who he has called us to be and what he has asked us to do.

When is this happening?

‘We are the People of God’ series begins on Monday 9th September and will finish Friday 29th November.  Every week we will focus on and unpack one aspect of River's vision.

A weekly email* will be sent to you with the week’s Bible readings linked to each day’s Scripture. You can download a copy of our daily bible reading booklet here, or pick it up from the Welcome Team on Sundays.
Each week's readings will form the basis of most of the talks on the upcoming Sunday mornings. 

Let’s get inspired to be the People of God for today!

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