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The Jesus Shaped God - Bible Reading Plan

19 April – 4 July 2021 


What's it all about?

The idea behind this series is that we understand who God is, not through what we absorb from our culture, or through philosophical ideas, or even through some well-worn church traditions, but through Jesus. Most people like Jesus, but they are put off Christianity because of our hackneyed ideas about who God is and how He works. Therefore, let’s allow our view of God to be shaped by Jesus, not just a gloss on traditional thoughts, but a thorough repentance and acceptance that Jesus reveals God, just as He is.

Of course, it’s hard to see the sheer power of the God who spoke Creation into being, though we get a glimpse on the Mount of Transfiguration. However, we do get great insights into how He wields, or chooses not to wield, that power. In our Sunday talks, we shall attempt to trace some of the key aspects of God as revealed by Luke’s story of the life, death & resurrection of Jesus.

When is this happening?

‘The Jesus Shaped God’ begins on Monday 19 April and will finish on Sunday 4 July. Throughout the series, a weekly email* will be sent out early on a Monday morning with the week’s Bible readings, each linked to the day’s Scripture. 

You can download a copy of our daily bible reading booklet here. Each week's readings will form the basis of most of the talks on the upcoming Sunday mornings.

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