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Signs of New Life - Bible Reading Plan

New Creation People

1st  February - 26th March


What's it all about?

We’ve looked at how we are the People of God and the People of the Spirit, now we examine something of what it means to be Jesus People. God always had a plan for the world and it would be completed in Jesus. He desired children who would be like him, to help him bring creation to maturity and fruitfulness. In this series we will examine the seven signs performed by Jesus in John’s Gospel and note how they all speak of his mission to bring New Creation. In the process, we’ll learn how we can work with Jesus to help him renew creation and bring heaven to earth.

How do I do that?

We’ll be reading our Bibles for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. In this series we focus on the life of Jesus. John says His life is the light of humanity and that through Him, we gain grace (or favour) with God to rule creation with Him as faithful stewards, renewing it through bringing life and light in His name.

When is this happening?

“Signs of Life - New Creation People” begins on Monday 1st February and will finish on Friday 26th March. A weekly email* will be sent to you with the week’s Bible readings linked to each day’s Scripture. You can download a copy of our daily bible reading booklet here.  Each week's readings will form the basis of most of the talks on the upcoming Sunday mornings. 

* If you’re a part of River Church and you don't already receive our regular emails, please click here