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Kingdom Values for God's People - Bible Reading Plan
20th April - 3rd July 

What's it all about?

God invites all of humanity to be in relationship with Him - to be His very own people, as He is our very own God. The Bible tells the story of God’s pursuit of us and all the ways people have responded. As we read the stories of the characters in its pages, we learn of His unending love, His constant goodness and His infinite ability to work through us to see His purposes fulfilled. In this series we will look at Kingdom Values for God’s People.

How do I do that?

We’ll be reading our Bibles for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. In this series we will be concentrating solely on some foundational teaching Jesus gave, recorded in Matthew Chapter 5 – often called the Beatitudes.

When is this happening?

Part 5 of “The People of God” begins on Monday 20th April and will finish on Friday 3rd July. Each week we will read through all of the Beatitudes, and then focus upon one of them through different Bible passages. 

A weekly email* will be sent to you with the week’s Bible readings linked to each day’s Scripture. You can download a copy of our daily bible reading booklet here.
Each week's readings will form the basis of most of the talks on the upcoming Sunday mornings. 

Let’s get inspired to be the People of God for today!

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