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River Streams

River Streams are free courses to help us grow in faith and make us glad! 
The current 'Spiritual Detox' stream delivered by Colin Barnes started on 22nd January. It's an ideal activity to join if you’re either struggling with disappointment, love discussing tough questions or simply want to grow in your understanding. Watch this short video for more information:
Week 1   What are you doing God?
  •     Living with mystery, unanswered prayer and understanding the will of God.
Week 2   Burning your Bible Idol!  
  • Trusting the Bible, taking it seriously and staying sane.  Recognising what it isn’t and how to use it well.
Week 3   Removing paganism from the bloody Gospel 
  • Abandoning Greek & pagan thinking and moving to a truly relational view of God and salvation history.
Week 4    Open Season
  • Come and ask your toughest questions and we’ll wrestle with them together.

Venue: Lowbrook Academy, The Fairway, Maidenhead, SL6 3AR (confirmed)
Dates: Tuesdays 29 Jan, 5 Feb, 19 Feb, 26 Feb
Time: 19:45 for 20:00 start, finishing 21:45

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Ruth Palomino, 25/10/2018