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River Streams - October 2021


The holy hand grenade

A free 6-week online course exploring the prayer Jesus taught his disciples and uncovering its huge power to blow up religion and to help us live in the abundant life He promised.

  • Monday evenings 8pm-9pm starting on 11th October
  • Online via Zoom (meeting details will be sent out nearer the date) 
  • Led by Colin Barnes
11 Oct Our Father – a call to intimacy and inclusivity
18 Oct Your kingdom come – the story of creation retold relationally
01 Nov Your will be done – the shocking way God gets His will done
08 Nov Give us this day – His incredible generosity towards us
15 Nov Forgive us – scandalous grace is the route to glorious freedom    
22 Nov Deliver us – the powerful truth that nothing can truly harm us

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