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Alpha course

The Alpha Course At River

If you’re asking yourself some big questions and would like to explore them with others, then Alpha is for you.

Most of us have moments when we’re wondering about the meaning of life, asking ourselves things like ‘Who am I?’,  ‘What are we here for?’ and ‘Why is there so much suffering?’  Often we need to hear different views and discuss them before we work out what we really think, and Alpha is a brilliant place to do that. 
If you’re interested in finding out more, register via the link below and we’ll let you know when our next courses are starting.  If you’re not sure, why not register just to attend an Alpha launch party, which is an opportunity to meet the Alpha team and hear more about the course, and then decide.

Listen to Sophie talk about the recent course she attended organised by River Church Marlow.

Click here to find out more and/or to sign up for the next Alpha course.

Bear Grylls did Alpha!