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Audio files of talks from River's cross-congregation meetings such as River Together
Maidenhead Talks 2011-2013
Maidenhead Talks Aug 08 - Jul 11
Speaking at the June '09 Big Gathering
Recorded at River Together meeting in Sep 10
River Together of June 2010 at which Christen handed over leadership of the central team to Colin and Vicky
from previous academic years
Tamara Lowe
River Together 28 March 2010
Searching the Source of the River lecture series
Slough teaching archive Oct08 - Dec09
Christen shares from his personal journey in seeking genuine inner change at the deepest level from bad motives and inclinations
Marlow SundayAM 06Sep09
Christen explains how our attitude to money, and in particular our giving, is a key discipleship issue
Worship Videos from 'Under An Open Heaven' Conference
Details of the current teaching series running from January to Easter 2009.
Teaching archive.
Teaching from 'Revival' Meetings
Archive of talks up to Sep 08
Che's full message plus an extracted version of the prophetic word to Chris and Judith.
Who's in - Who's out? The inclusive Gospel. The latest talk in the Lost Message of Jesus series
Andy gives the second talk in the new Core teaching series.
The Cross is an event so important we can't avoid it, and so unique it is difficult to describe through analogy. Chris explores some of the ideas used to explain the Cross and looks at its reality in our lives.
Teaching in the Acts 2 church
Talk Martin Young of Rising Brook Baptist Church
Listen to the talk by Chris Forster on the meaning and implications of the incarnation.
Teaching given by Chris Forster at Maidenhead congregation meeting on 28/11/2004
Talk to congregation Nov 14
Judith's SUNDAYAM preach on being a friend of God.