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Slough Teaching - Archive to Sep 08

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Preparing for Growth

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Tom Curtis 7 Sep 08

Are you talented?

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Tom Curtis 27 Jul 08
Walking in the power of the Holy Spirit Dave Jones 20 Jul 08
Prophetic exhortation to Slough Julian Bullen 13 Jul 08
Learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit Christen Forster 6 Jul 08
Resurrection Andrew Rackstraw 29 June 08
Missional People, Missional Church Dave & Laura Vann 15 June 08
Healing Testimony Dave Waghorne 9 June 08

Macedonia Mission Report

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Tom Curtis 8 June 08
God's heart for the poor and Thailand Report Andy & Val Simcock 18 May 08
Running Towards the Miracle Maker Judith Forster 27 Apr 08
I Am the True Vine Mary Porter 20 Apr 08
Love and Joy Christen Forster 13 Apr 08
I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life Alistair Bullen 6 Apr 08
I Am the Resurrection and the Life Ken Pattenden 30 Mar 08
TODAY is resurrection Day Andy Read 23 Mar 08
I Am the Gate & the Good Shepherd Florence Peters 16 Mar 08
Church, Take Responsibility Michael Kolisang 9 Mar 08
Because of the Lord's great love Vicky Earll 24 Feb 08
I Am the Light of the World Mary Pattenden 17 Feb 08
Embracing Honour Stephen & Mara Klemich 10 Feb 08
Croatia update from Goran and 'Anointed for Boldness' by Christen Goran Dojcinoski
& Christen F
03 Feb 08
Entering Your Future Andy Read 27 Jan 08
I am the Bread of Life
Introduction and first in the series looking at Jesus' 'I AM' statements
Tom Curtis 20 Jan 08

Experience the Holy Spirit

Nigel & Jean cover the E of 'CAKE' by recounting some of their recent Experiences in Wales and other testimonies from their lives.

Nigel & Jean Stock 18 Nov 07

Tom Curtis, 30/09/2008