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Update from Moscow October 2007

Oct 07cGreetings from Russia!

I want to praise the Lord for His work in our midst.

New young people are joining our Rehab program. Currently the Center is full and we are glad that people continue to be saved and set free. Jesus is the Savior! With God’s blessings we were able to purchase a new minivan for the Rehab ministry.

We participated in couple important conferences regarding the ministry to addicted people. One of them was held in Smolensk city (500 km west from Moscow) by Russian Teen Challenge association, another was located much further to the west from Moscow – in Dordrecht, Holland. The conference was organized by ISAAC (International Substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition) in De Hoop Center, the Netherlands. De Hoop Center is the outstanding program caring for about 200 patients. It owns a whole village in the outskirts of the ancient and beautiful Holland city Dordrecht.


The fellowship with our precious brothers and sisters was a great blessing. We were able to pray for each other, share ideas, information, and resources. My vision for the ministry was broadened and sharpened. We hope to continue our cooperation and move to professionalism in the important area of addiction care.

Last week we celebrated the annual Harvest festival in our Church. We praised the Lord for the new converts most of whom came from the Rehab ministry, for the new church members, for the continuing maturation of believers and for new church ministers who lead others in the path of Christ. The vision of our church is to help every person to constantly grow in his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It covers all five main areas of church life: Worship, Evangelism, Fellowship of Love, Maturation, and Ministry.

May all our lives bring glory to the Lord Jesus!

We pray for abundant blessings upon you!

With love in Christ,

Andrei Blinkov

John Sandeman, 06/11/2007

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