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Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary Update

“Rebuilding the Church in Russia"




During Communism 200,000 Christian leaders were killed, 500,000 Christians imprisoned and about 40,000 churches raised to the ground.



The Seminary

The Seminary is led by men 100% committed to our Lord’s work. They are all funded by the gifts of those who wish to help support this work. Our contact and friend Sasha Tsoutserov, who is pro-rector, has to find his own support to continue in this vital work. Eleven new students, from all walks of life in Russia, started at the Seminary last September, making a total of 33. They will be learning in a very alive Christian environment; about 30% are funded by scholarship but the rest have to find the £2,777 per year that is required for accommodation, tuition, books, supplies and one meal a day. This sum also includes utilities, office and library equipment, building maintenance, staff salaries and computers. Each student receives £250 per year for the rest of their needs, just £5 per week for food, clothing et.c. Students from the regions of the former USSR are prohibited from working in Moscow! The Seminary is not subsidised in any way except by the giving of people like you and me. Could you live on this?

The Graduates

Upon graduation, the graduates go back to their towns, schools, churches, or commence new Christian work. They are involved in every kind of work: Evangelising, Teaching, Church Planting, Schools, Colleges, Mission inside Russia, Hospitals, Prisons, Rehabilitation, Youth work et.c. Over 90% remain in full time Christian Work.

The Needs

The standard of living for the average Russian is very poor by our standards.  Aids is rife with prostitution openly practised. Drug and alcohol addiction affects up to 25% of the population. Abortion is about 90% in Moscow and 60% outside of Moscow. The Mafia is extremely powerful. To counter these, all they have are committed Christians and concerned Government resources to lead the way with those who will work with them. If you saw the Rehabilitation Unit outside Moscow, managed by the Revival Church whose Pastor is Andrei Blinkov (who graduated 2 years ago), I expect you would want to help. When Andrew Rackstraw, Tom Curtis and I visited and joined in the unit’s time of Praise and Worship, it appeared that every resident had become a born again Christian. 16 of them live in a wooden dacha and have to share one earth closet. Can you help fund Sasha or any of the students or graduates? Are you interested? If so, please can you make your gifts via the church office endorsing them for Moscow Seminary support, and any individual work if applicable.

Request for Men's clothing

A request has been made for men’s clothing. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. Please remember that none of the men we met, student or otherwise, were overweight.

Items for Prayer/opposition

  • Please pray for the Seminary’s leadership, in particular Sasha (pro-rector) and Natasha Tsoutserov, and Dr.Koulikov (Rector).
  • Pray for the students and all their needs.
  • Pray for the graduates and the excellent work they are involved in.
  • Pray for protection for all involved, it is not without risk.
  • Pray for finance. Sometimes meeting halls can not be hired due to active opposition.

Summer Camp

Are you a committed Christian aged between 10 and 80, and fancy helping at a Summer Camp in Russia? This is not run by the Seminary, but by full time Missionaries from OMS. The objective is to have one English speaking Russian Christian, one Russian non-Christian and one English/American Christian, all working together in units of three at the 10 day camp. The hope is that by example and love the Russian non-Christian will be led to Christ. Anyone interested should initially contact me (John Sandeman).

Next visit to Moscow

A visit this May 2004 has been deferred as Sasha Tsoutserov will now be visiting us on the 8th and 9th of May. We hope to host a Saturday evening meeting for him to meet with people from River Church and other local churches; he will be addressing the Sunday morning meeting in Marlow.


During his visit we hope to plan a further trip to the Seminary in Moscow, either later this year or early next. If you are interested in joining this visit, please let me know 01494 881313

John Sandeman, 04/04/2004

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