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25 bags of presents and Christmas stockings given to young people living on their own in Maidenhead.

This Christmas was challenging for us all in many different ways, but it was also a chance to show love and care for others when opportunity arose.  

In Maidenhead there is housing provision for young people aged 16 to 21 who need to live independently, where they are given support and have safe accommodation. These young people are living on their own though and  I wanted to send presents to them to ensure that none of them woke up alone on Christmas day without a gift to say that they are remembered and cared for.  I approached the management of the housing project and they agreed to this and we organised it in a Covid secure manner. I realised that this would stretch my own personal Christmas budget so put out a request for offers of help with this from my River Church family.  It was amazing to get an overwhelming response and enough for each young person living in the flats run by the project. Thanks to everyone who helped for their joyful giving.  Don’t they look great!

sadie gifts

Sadie Barnes (Maidenhead Congregation)

Sadie Barnes, 06/02/2021