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Stepping into 2021

As we move into 2021, the landscape before us is certainly quite different from the one we expected to see when we viewed it from a year ago. The beginning of 2020 was heralded by words of excitement, all kinds of new things that God would do in the decade ahead – new vision, new era, new wineskins – for me that highlights a really important aspect for stepping into 2021;  that is – the question of Perspective.

We can have long vision, we can have short vision, we can have prophetic vision, we can have earthly vision, we can have Godly vision and each will give us a different view of 2021.  So, for me, the first thing to ask ourselves is – how are we going to ‘Frame the Future’; what are we putting in the picture frame of 2021 as it affects our lives?

We recognise the pain of many over loss of jobs, finances, education, even of loved ones, but God has been speaking for quite a while about the changes which would come, and however we expected that shift to happen, the new landscape is open and full of opportunity for the ‘church’, the Body of Christ, to take hold and to start to shape our part of the nation for the days ahead. If we look at the voids which are already visible across the land, whether of hope or of the wisdom of God, we carry between us His solutions for the world – so this is no longer about the few, it is about the whole Body. 

God has given His people extra-ordinary authority in the place of prayer; He is teaching His people to rule and reign in that place. He has also empowered us by His Spirit, to be those who speak words of hope and care for those in need, and also to change atmospheres and bring answers to the business world and the systems of our nation. 

A great deal has been dismantled so there is room for something new, for God’s Kingdom to be established, and for the gospel to be preached, but it will take the movement of the whole Body of Christ, each one taking their place and stepping into their part, no matter how seemingly insignificant, to bring this in.  

I love the scripture – God’s people will be volunteers in the day of His power (Psalm 110), and I believe God will use anyone who genuinely makes themselves available at this time. But He is also doing a deep work amongst us because who we were in the last season was not sufficient and will certainly not be sufficient for the new season. In these really difficult days of lockdown, I believe God is calling us to put our roots down deep into Him, drawing up the fresh life that flows from His throne, causing us to grow and expand in the invisible place – that in the coming days, we will have greater impact in the visible place.

Everyone has a part, and so as we look to the future – what is our perspective? Do we see difficulty only, or do we see opportunity for the Kingdom? 

So often we think that what we have is insignificant, irrelevant, or insufficient, but the promises of God which find their ‘yes’ in Him, stand strong over this season. One of the key parables of the Kingdom is that of the mustard seed – so small it could seem totally insignificant – and yet it grows into a great tree. 

For us as God’s people, it’s time to sow what we have, where we can, whether in prayer or in action, and see what God does with it. Blessings to you all.

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Suzanne Ferrett, 05/02/2021