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Scott's Story

In May 1999, I was made redundant. I had been in a business which was owned by a longstanding friend, but after the three and a half years good employment, they had run into a cashflow situation which had the resultant effect.

The immediate effect of such news is devastating, and especially at the hands of a friend. We remain friends - a choice I made right at the start, however, I had a young family to support, no savings and no idea where to start.

There is a verse in the Bible which says 'all things work together for good, to those who love God and are called according to His purposes'. Do I ignore this verse in the light of current events, or turn to the One who said it and ask for help? That was the starting point.

In a state nearing panic, I prayed that God would look after things and help me to get another job quickly. Three days later, I was reading some scripture about the prophet Samuel, who had been told by God to find a young man called Saul, who incidentally was looking for his father's donkeys, which had been lost three days before. On finding Saul, Samuel appointed him as King. (Normally I would have read this as 'anointed' - but here was an appointment. Interesting, I thought!)

After this, Samuel turned to leave Saul, but added 'that which was lost three days ago has been found'. Now I was really listening, and I took this as a basis on which to have faith and continued to pray about a new job. Naturally, I was applying for jobs and attending interviews, but for three months there seemed to be nothing on the horizon. This was a real test because, naturally, discouragement was just around the corner and setting in fast - so many rejections, etc...

Then an option to go for an interview came up, in line with my experience, suitable, timely, right financial package etc... and I went for an initial 6 hour interview. Then I had to wait another 3 weeks or so to hear if progress would be made. It came in the shape of another 4 hours of interview, which was successful. However, by now, our finances were running out, and I still had to start work.

My surprise was complete, when, 1 week after joining, a whole month's money came through, since my new company pay in advance!!! God was totally faithful, had it all in control, right down to the fine detail. But He obviously wanted me to learn to trust Him in the process.