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Mary Poem copy


I dreamed that I was there in heaven 

Walking on those streets of gold 

All around me angels singing 

Holy Holy to the Lord.  


I was halfway to the Throne Room 

In the distance shining bright 

How I longed to hurry over 

Just to stand in Heaven’s Light. 

But a voice spoke right behind me, 

And I turned to see Him there 

With His eyes so full of Mercy 

And His voice so full of care. 


“Did you bring your Brother with you?  

Is your sister coming too?  

What about the child you carried? 

And your neighbours' children too?  


“You were halfway to the Throne Room,  

Where My Spirit waits for you,  

But do you think your task is finished 

Is there more for you to do? “ 


I could feel His heart was breaking 

For the Ones I’d left behind, 

When I dreamed I was in Heaven.  

Then I quickly changed my mind.  


Tho I was halfway to the Throne room 

I turned and ran back to the Gate 

And I soared down through the sunrise,  

Praying that I wasn’t late.  


Don’t know when I will return there, 

Or how long I may be here,  

But I will speak to all of Jesus 

While He is standing waiting there 


We’re Halfway to the Throne Room  

Only Half the way to go,  

And it starts with just a question 

“Beloved, Listen, do you know……” 

Mary Porter - Slough

Mary Porter, 10/11/2020