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Steve B's Story

I was not searching for God but  He was looking for me. My life was in reasonable shape - steady job , lovely wife and three marvellous daughters - enough to motivate anyone - or was it?

There was something missing - but I didn't know what. One Saturday morning a couple ,  complete with their two young children knocked on our door  to talk about their faith. Later I found that they were part of a group meeting in a local house who were praying for the people in our neighbourhood. I had spoken to people at my door representing various religious groups over the years and had got rid of them as quickly as possible.

This couple was different , though, they seemed genuine in their approach and not at all 'professional' in their doorstep talk. We saw them over the next few months at various times and eventually went to their home for a meal. I remember the wife of the couple talking about Jesus as if he was someone she knew personally.

Out of politeness I suggested that we visit this church just once after their kindness in providing a meal. We soon visited and were struck by the love and peace that we found there. It took a few months and the asking of many difficult questions before I felt ready to dedicate the rest of my life to following Jesus. After 17 years I can say that it was the best move I ever made.