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Fiona's Story

I was brought up in a Christian family and attended Sunday school regularly.  I learnt lots of Bible stories and knew that there was a God.  This was a good foundation but Jesus was not real to me.  Then I went off to study, got married, had a family and lived a very busy life.  God was always in the background.  

When my mother in Scotland was taken seriously ill I turned to God to heal her, promising that if He did , I would be a committed Christian.  On my knees I begged for forgiveness and said I would go back to church and follow Jesus if my mum could live -and she did recover. Throughout the next few months I went to various churches but never felt comfortable. In my new job a lady was encouraging me to try her church.    A little while later  a couple knocked on our door to tell us about Jesus!   Over the next few months they returned to our house about three times and we seemed to be keep seeing them  wherever we were.   After Christmas they asked us for a meal and some time later I went with my husband to a meeting , thinking this is going to be strange  ( not like my old church)  but I was so excited by the love and joy that was there that I had to keep returning to know more of  Jesus and several months later I was baptised in the River Thames .