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Alison's Story

I always had everything a girl could want - a wonderful, loving upbringing, a great husband and baby girl, a challenging career as a Financial Director for a large US Corporation - but I was always aware there was something missing.

At my  daughter's christening I felt very uneasy when I stood up in front of all my friends and family and publicly declared that I would bring my daughter up in the christian faith....what did I know about Christianity? My church experience was limited to weddings and funerals.

Believing myself to be a hard headed business person I wanted absolute proof that Christianity was real before I went any where near it. I set about reading the Bible,other books and talking with Christian collegues at work. I was eventually led to an Alpha course and towards the end of this I asked Jesus into my life. God has done great things in my life since then including being instrumental in the arrival of my second child - but that's a story for another day.