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A New Season!

The meeting in September 2018 was significantly important to the River family as we transitioned from one senior leader - Colin Barnes -  and team, to a new senior leadership team, headed by Ceri Davies. 

The changes were announced at a special church meeting held on 17th April 2018. Click here to listen to what was said, including prayer and prophetic words (website login required).

Every season of change is exciting and challenging. The River Together on Sunday September 23rd was a real milestone in our growth and development. You can listen to the talks on the day here.

Colin briefly reviewed his time leading River and looked forward to what God will do next, thanking some of those who have been most significant in supporting him during the 8 years. Billy Kennedy spoke briefly about landmark occasions and led a time of commissioning of Ceri and her new team (Ian Linton, Simon Tempest, Andy Read, Colin Barnes). Ceri called us to recommit ourselves to live for God as River enters this new season; He hasn't finished with us yet - there is so much more to move into. Finally, Simon Tempest led the congregation in praying for the leaders of all four River Churches.