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Latest news from Andrei Blinkov in Moscow (December 10)

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Christmas greetings from Russia!

In this wonderful season when we meditate on the First and the Second coming of our Lord, we celebrate one more wonderful event - four brothers from our Rehab ministry have just been baptized. All of them have amazing testimonies.

AlexeyI met brother Alexey leaving the Moscow Seminary of Evangelical Christians where I teach several subjects. He asked me about the Rehab Center. I gave him our church visit card with telephones and address. He didn’t have any money, so he didn’t call, but he walked from the Seminary to our church (it’s about 20 miles) and waited there whole night and the next day until we had a prayer meeting. Thus he came to our Center. Normally we first teach our students the basics of Christian faith and only then baptize them, but in Alexey’s case we made an exception. He pleaded to be baptized as soon as possible and we felt it’s right to do.

Many brothers in the Center testify that they didn’t experience withdrawals when they come even after heavy drugs. Many were miraculously healed. The Lord is merciful and kind to His prodigal sons – to all of us!

DmitriyHere is bro. Dmitriy’s testimony. I am a former alcoholic and a former officer. Alcohol helped me to lose my family. Finally my sister who is a member of Himky’s church, advised me to ask for help in the New Life Rehab Center. Jesus Christ helped me there. Prior to the Center I’ve tried several clinics but didn’t get help. After I met Jesus things changed. I am so glad that I am not bound by sin. I can rejoice every morning not thinking about a hang-over. I feel strength both spiritual and physical specially after my baptism.
I want to tell everybody that the Lord is so good and He will never leave or forsake no one who puts his trust in Him!

We want to invite you to support our Rehab ministry. You can pray and if the Lord leads you, give sending your donation to

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baptism27-11-10Your help would enable us to save more souls!

Have a wonderful Christmas season!

Your brother in Christ,

Andrei Blinkov

John Sandeman, 12/12/2010

Jane Cross 17/12/2010 19:59
Truly amazing when God turns lives around and brings about complete healing. I worked at Yeldall Manor - Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab, from Sept'08 to March'10 and I still actively support the project. Congratulations to all our brothers in Russia who have been healed from addiction - John 10v10
God Bless you all. Very Best Wishes Simon Cross
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