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Walking with Jesus Through Mark

Walking with Jesus Thru MarkBetween January to Easter 2009 we will be looking at how Jesus interacts with situations, people and His Father in the gospel story as relayed by Mark. Our focus will be how Jesus responds and reacts in a given situation – looking at the humanity of Jesus and how, as a man, he relates to His Father.
Mark writes in a short punchy style. Mark’s point is the story of Jesus and His Ministry – what happened, where, how, who was involved! It’s short and to the point. Mark deals in facts and headlines rather than in-depth reporting and background details.  All these factors make the gospel of Mark dynamic and exciting, and a perfect choice to examine the life of Jesus.
The following books are recommended as background reading during our time of shared study.
Mark for Everyone – Tom Wright
The Jesus I Never Knew – Philip Yancey
The Challenge of Jesus – N.T. Wright
The Gospel of Mark: The New Daily Study Bible – William Barclay
The schedule for the weekly meetings are as follows.  Recordings of each talks will be available here.
 Jan 11th   Session 1:  An Introduction to Mark and the Series  Tim Stone
 Jan 18th  Session 2:  Mark Chapter 1    - Jesus Arrival on the Scene  Colin Barnes
 Jan 25th  Session 3:  Mark Chapter 2    - The Unexpected Kingdom  Simon Tempest
 Feb 1st  Session 4:  Mark Chapter 4    - Parables  Dave Vann
 Feb 8th  Session 5:  Mark Chapter 5    - Jesus: Man of Power & Authority  Liz Challis
 Feb 15th  Session 6:  Mark Chapter 6    - Did Jesus Need Faith?  Andrew Rackstraw
 Feb 22nd  Session 7:  Mark Chapter 7    - Living Inside Out: Purity of Heart  Dave Jones
 Mar 1st  Session 8:  Mark Chapter 10  - Jesus and the Law  Christen Forster
 Mar 8th  Session 9:  Mark Chapter 8    - The Meaning of Signs  Jan Vickers
 Mar 22nd  Session 10:  Mark Chapter 13  - Hope in Times of Trouble  Tim Stone
 Mar 29th  Session 11:  Mark Chapter 14  - Perseverance  Judith Forster
 Apr 5th  Session 12:  Mark Chapter 15  - Betrayed…Beaten…Killed: Why?  Di Chapman
 Apr 12th  Session 13:  Mark Chapter 16  - The Resurrection  Andy Read
Jonathan King, 23/01/2009