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Lessons from Mary, birthing the purposes of God

Teaching given by Chris Forster 28/11/2004. This is available in two formats, the smaller optimised for dial up connections. Please Click Here then select the option you require.
Chris Forster, 29/11/2004
Hazel Maul 29/11/2004 14:07
Chris thank you for this incredibal message on the life of Mary. I have been very challanged by what you shared on Sunday morning, especially where you shared about not missing the purposes of God for our life. It has stirred me again to focus on what God has planned for me to achieve here and now. Look forward to meeting with you all tonight at your place.
(Guest) 06/10/2018 19:31
Thanks for sharing this audio with us here, mate. It was a really good time listening to this. Will share this on the site as soon as I am done with all of my work.