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Prayer Request from Moscow

Below is part of an e-mail I received from Sasha yesterday, apparently I should have received this just after the Beslan terrorist attack but the e-mail did not come through. I do not know whether you would consider this for the web site though Sasha has asked us to join the Seminary in prayer for the survivors and those who have lost family?


“Second, the tragedy in Beslan has left a deep scar.  Nobody at the Seminary was directly affected by the tragedy in Beslan. The situation does look bad, though. On September 3 the terrorists struck Beslan School No. 1 inflicting evil beyond  comprehension upon 1200 hostages including: innocent children, parents, teachers and school administrators and staff. 338 perished, only 207 bodies were recognizable, including 105 children. 340 injured victims remain hospitalized in regional N. Ossetian hospitals in Rostov-on-Don, and Moscow. Among the hostages taken, 33  were children who attend Sunday School at Beslan Baptist Church located just down the street from the school. A 36 year old Sunday School teacher was with the children and perished in the firestorm. 8 of these precious children perished with their teacher. 7 of the children are still missing and presumed among the unidentifiable bodies. 6 of the children were injured (3 injured severely). 12 children of these 33 who attend Beslan BaptistChurch somehow in the Lord's providence managed to survive the explosions, fires, bullets, dehydration and unimaginable trauma. The pastor/church planter (Sergey and his wife Bella; sponsored by Kodiak Bible Chapel in Kodiak, Alaska).  They lost their 8 year old daughter Anna and their 12 year old son Asamat lost one eye and both eardrums burst, and one child is stillmissing. Sergey's brother Teimuraz is also a pastor.  He and his wife Raya have lost 4 of their 5 children.  Their 13 year old, Medina is counted among the survivors. The Beslan Church members have begun visiting the homes of the families who lost children.  Their goal is to visit each home is Beslan affected by this crisis, expressing love, sharing the gospel and prayingfor each family.  They are giving each family a New Testament and children's Bibles, as well as a modest present to each grieving family. Surely, 244 members of the Beslan Baptist Church in Russia need yours and our prayers as they grieve. And that's what we at the Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary do. Will you join us at the River Church, please?”


Many thanks for all your help.




John Sandeman, 02/11/2004

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