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Friends of God

Listen to Judith Forster's preach on being a friend of God. Given on Nov 24th 2004 at the Maidenhead Morning meeting.


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Chris Forster, 24/10/2004
Sheila Wilson 26/10/2004 23:32
Judith, you normally look a lot like Liv Tyler and this photo doesn't do you justice - I reckon you should get someone to take a reeeally nice one of you to accompany your web-talks! - Sheila :)

Chris Forster 27/10/2004 00:26
Obviously as Mr Judith Forster I tend to feel that my wife is a hot chick and while this picture doesn't do justice it was taken by Olivia aged 8. We don't have an official Web-site photographer, but perhaps someone out there with artistic flare and a good digital camera could start compiling a gallery of shots for future use.
Tim Nelson 27/10/2004 07:23
Dunno 'bout artistic flair but I've got a good camera - I'll bring it to the joint meeting then

Don't forget to wear your party gear and have your make-up on ready (Chris)

Judith Forster 29/10/2004 17:40
Had my picture done. Hope you like it.
Sheila Wilson 29/10/2004 18:22
Hi Judith - I'm glad you or someone managed to get Liv's photographer in! Cos I spent half an hour trying to cut and paste a pic from one of her websites to here but failed at the final stage

The only other thing I was gonna suggest was that you take that nice one of you off the front of our website, cut out that bloke you're cuddling up to whoever he is, and use that (!?)

Sheila :)
Jonny Keys 01/11/2004 13:36
cuddling is that allowed - only if a Bible widths apart i hope!
Rubalcava (Guest) 03/10/2018 12:15
Friends are not there to help you but to make you feel good. You guys need to see for something similar to this article. It will help us all for sure.