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What we believe:

  • WE STRONGLY BELIEVE in the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who work together in equal yet separate, interrelated personalities and functions
  • WE STRONGLY BELIEVE in God the Father, who is our Creator, and who created us for a purpose: that purpose is greater than we can think or imagine
  • WE STRONGLY BELIEVE that there is more to life than what our five senses tell us… there is more than just this earthly existence
  • WE STRONGLY BELIEVE that our Father loves us passionately, personally and patiently; who is all knowing, all powerful, yet altogether gentle
  • WE STRONGLY BELIEVE that our Father made, owns and rules the entire universe, yet is deeply concerned about the tiniest details of our lives
  • WE STRONGLY BELIEVE that our Father gives us a New Birth through His Son, Jesus Christ, by believing in His Birth, Death and Resurrection. This makes us His children and He calls us His sons and daughters
  • WE STRONGLY BELIEVE that having made Himself known to us through Jesus, He desires that every human being would freely come to know Him in the same way. He longs to be our closest companion, best friend, and truest confidant
  • WE STRONGLY BELIEVE in the person of God the Holy Spirit, who brings Wisdom, Comfort, Revelation of Truth, and various ministry gifts for the growth and edification of the church 
  • WE STRONGLY BELIEVE in the sense of Community that will draw us all together, one heart, one spirit, and one love… the Love that flows from the Heart of God.