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Moscow Seminary Intake 2004

Sasha writes to us:

Dear ministers - all the members of the body of Christ worshipping at the

River Fellowship.


In the following 14 separate e-mails I am sending you a picture + testimony & background files for each and every student of the 14 newly enrolled to Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary.


Please, share our joy as the LORD is raising a whole new generation of Christian ministers for the former Soviet Union. Thank you for co-laboring with us in Jesus' fields!


God reigns!


Sasha Tsutserov

Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary

Please pray for each of these students, that the Lord will use them to transform Russia and the Soviet nations.
Please Note: I will add all 14 students as I have time to do so, keep re-visiting this page to check for new students.

Chris Forster, 24/10/2004