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Talks from Slough Meetings 2020

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Slough Sunday meetings this year. Click on the title to Listen Now or to Download to your device.

Previous years' talks are also available:  2008/09     2010/11     2012/13     2014/15    2016/17    2018    2019

Juliet Ioakeim This is the time to build God's Temple
Juliet Ioakeim      5 April
Julie teaches us how we can build God's Temple in our everyday lives
Dorothy Basham Dorothy encourages us from Isaiah
Dorothy Basham     29 March
Remembering who we are as we continue to pray through confusing times.
Juliet Ioakeim Listening to God
Juliet Ioakeim     15 March
God's full blessing is released when we listen to His guidance and not mans. David listened and was known as a man after God's own heart.
Dorothy Basham The Key To Serving God
Dorothy Basham     08 March
Dorothy explains the key to serving God through the stories of Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath.
Colin Elijah - the man who stood up
Colin Barnes     01 March
Elijah learned he could trust the Lord to answer his call. Along the way he also realised that his highs were not as high as he'd hoped and his lows were not as low as he feared. Of all the Old Testament characters, he moved in miracle-waking power the most like Jesus. However, he was a man, 'just like us', and his real strength was listening to the still small voice of God.
Gill Stott Freely giving becomes freely receiving in Jesus' upside-down Kingdom!
Gill Stott     23 February
We just cannot out-give God! As we sharpened our prophetic tools through activation today, we freely gave AND received special personal revelation and encouragement.
George Port A gift from God to God 
George Port     16 February
Faithfulness to a faithful God.
Juliet Ioakeim Hannah
Julie Ioakeim     09 Febuary
Hannah, the woman who lays all before the Lord.
Colin Jabez, The Man Who Was Blessed
Colin Barnes     02 February
Colin unpacks how Jabez overcame the curse of his name through his faith in a God who loves to bless, protect and provide. A God who hears and answers sincere prayer.
Mary Porter 2018 Sarah's Laughter
Mary Porter     26 January
Seeing how a cheerful heart heals
Florence Peters Moving Forward Into The New Season
Florence Peters     19 January
Florence recounts River Slough’s history and anticipates our future with God with great excitement.
Mary Porter 2018 Vision and Hope Part 2
Mary Porter     05 January
Focusing on Hope through changes.