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Talks from Slough Meetings 2019

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Slough Sunday meetings this year. Click on the title to Listen Now or to Download to your device.

Previous years' talks are also available:  2008/09    2010/11    2012/13    2014/15    2016/17    2018

Ian Moody In Over Your Head 
Ian Moody     15 September
Ian speaks from Genesis and Ezekiel about what it means to live in the River Of God and have the River Of God flow through us to the people around us. Go deep..
Debbie Tran Water From Within
Debbie Tran     08 September
Fight from a place of victory, not for victory. He has already won. Even when we are not seeing the breakthrough we seek coming as we expect, Debbie encourages us to trust and persevere. The answer is on the way to bless you and yours and defeat the enemy at the same time.
Sabina Moody Come as you are, become as He is.
Sabina Moody      21 July
Sabina shows what 'Come As You Are...Become As He Is' looks like in everyday situations: we all are individual ingredients in the process of building this thing called church and can accomplish more (quality, variety, quantity etc) when we all choose to work together.
Ceri Davies Paul: Facing Trouble 
Ceri Davies   30 June
This week in our People of God series we take a another look at the life of Paul and ask how on earth did he keep on going through all the persecution he suffered, troubles he faced, and emotional lows he struggled with as he followed his calling from God? What lessons can we learn from him for our lives today when we face difficulties and struggles?
Colin Paul: Persecutor to Proclaimer 
Colin Barnes     16 June
Using the Apostle's own testimony, Colin helps us trace the transformation of the young Pharisaical zealot called Saul to the equally zealous Apostle Paul. We learn that ignorance is bliss, as far as judgement is concerned, that communion & friendship with God trumps any law and that we can't miss God's call by accident. Good news for our souls!
Gill Stott "Fifteen Greens" - some thoughts on the Profligate Father
Gill Stott     02 June
Jesus came to reveal a Father who is so excessively generous, lavish and reckless with His resources that it's hard for us to get our heads around it! Welcome to the Profligate Father!
George Port Communion
George Port     26 May
George talks about the Why , the How and the When of communion. It’s much more than bread and juice!
Ian Moody Only the Cross and Resurrection Help Us See
Ian Moody     19 May
As we look at snapshots of John’s life in the gospels we see that it was only post-resurrection that the disciples understood that Kingdom life is internal and eternal in Christ, not external activity.
Andy Read 2019 Peter -Tearing Down Walls & Building the Kingdom     Slides
Andy Read     12 May
Andy looks at the third instalment our our exploration of the life of Peter. Against all of the noise of his previous cultural and religious worldview, Peter manages to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit - with Revelation that brought about Revolution - and Resistance.
Ian Moody Peter's Transforming Encounters 
Ian Moody     5 May
Ian speaks on how the stories about Peter can help us to relate to the "everyman" attributes that Peter had; and that the "keys to the Kingdom", small though they may be, gives access to all the Power of Heaven transforming ourselves and everything around us to be carriers of the Gospel, just like Peter was.
Juliet Ioakeim Easter Message
Juliet Ioakeim      21 April 
There is no more need to offer sacrifices, to work for redemption, or to be ashamed to come before the Father: Jesus made a way. It is finished!
Mary Porter You Are There 
Mary Porter     14 April
Mary shares an up close and personal viewpoint of Palm Sunday and Holy Week.
Ceri Davies Mary Magdalene - Who was she really?     Slides
Ceri Davies     31 March
Exploring the real story of this extraordinary follower of Jesus and being inspired by her incredible devotion.
Debbie Tran One Thing
Debbie Tran     24 March
Debbie shares how seeking God's face is the primary and most important focus of our lives.
Ian Moody Living as Aliens and Strangers
Ian Moody     17 March
We can learn from Daniels life to stay faithful no matter the cost, serve the people we live amongst, and trust God to see us through.
Sabina Moody Unapologetically Royal     Slides
Sabina Moody     10 March
Sabina encourages us to live in our royal birthright unapologetically, and not to listen to the lies of the enemy, in order to walk in our destiny - for the sake of the King and the people around us. 
Ian Moody Greater Works Shall You Do
Ian Moody     3 March
Preaching from John 14:12, Ian discusses this verse's importance to us today. Jesus wouldn't have said it if it wasn't possible!
Juliet Ioakeim For Such A Time As This
Juliet Ioakeim     24 Febuary
'Because he loves me says the Lord, I will rescue him' Psalm 91:14
Mary Porter Why Did God Forgive You?
Mary Porter     17 February
An in-depth look at the Forgiveness of God for our everyday lives.
Ian Moody Heart of David
Ian Moody     10 February
From the story of David and Goliath we explore David's faith and boldness, whilst Ps27:4 reveals David's foundation for all he was and did.
Sabina Moody Living between the Promise and the Fulfilment
Sabina Moody     3 February
Sabina shares steps to take and things to avoid as we walk into His promises over our lives.
Flavia Ghouri 2017 Chosen by God     Slides
Flavia Ghouri     27 January
Flavia explores the lessons we can learn from how David was chosen and anointed to be king over Israel.
Peter Step Up     Slides
Peter O'Boyle     20 January
A look at how David responded to difficult times, what God declared over Israel and how amazing victories followed.
Ian Moody Fulfilling the Promises
Ian Moody     6 January
God has given some wonderful promises to the church. We are called to arise and shine in response.