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Maidenhead teaching
Maidenhead Talks - 2017
10th December - Andy Read presents a podcast of his talk based on Acts chapters 10 and 11. Luke now begins to tell the story of a fundamental turning point in the history of the early church More ...
Grahame Robinson
Marlow teaching
Marlow Talks 2017
3rd December - It's all about Jesus 7: Ask Seek Knock. Colin Barnes brings an invitation for all to experience intimacy with Jesus More ...
Slough Teaching
Slough Talks 2017
03rd December-What the angel said to Zechariah:(Ian Moody)Rather than a judgement or rebuke for his lack of faith, what happened to Zechariah was so his faith would be steadfast. More ...
All River meetings
River Together Talks
12th November: The Discipline of Community. Billy Kennedy (leader of Pioneer) reminds us that it's vital for the mission of the church and for our individual growth that we thrive in community. This can be difficult to achieve in a church like River, but More ...
Slough Teaching
Slough Vision 2016/17
Ian and Sabina share their vision for River Church Slough. More ...
Slough Blog
Slough Blog
Various members of River Slough give testimony to what God is doing In their lives More ...
Marlow Blog
Marlow Blog homepage
Homepage More ...
Tim Nelson
Andrei Blinkov
Latest news from Andrei Blinkov in Moscow about his work with drug addicts and involvement with State orphanages More ...
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