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Close Encounters

Close Encounters are all about real peoples stories of their experiences of an extraordinary God. You can read some of these stories below:

Alison's Story
Alison was the Financial Director of a blue chip technology company.... More ...
Ben's story
Read Ben's fantastic story of journey and faith More ...
Fiona's Story
Fiona tells about re-finding her childhood faith ... More ...
Helen's Story
I was in the middle of a divorce ... and the husband I was leaving found out he had cancer More ...
Mark's story
Mark 27, tells about how God supernaturally healed him and used him to pray for others. More ...
Paul's Story
Paul's spiritual journey took him into the occult and spiritulism... More ...
Scott's Story
Learning to trust God through redundancy. More ...
Steve's Story
God comes knocking at Steve's door... More ...
Terry's Testimony
Terry gives a moving account on Local Radio about how his relationship with Jesus has helped him to cope with his wife Mo's dementure More ...