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'Deeper' Meetings - Recordings Archive

Jim Paul colour
Recording of 'Deeper' meeting Apr11
Jim Paul speaks about a God who feels intense compassion More ...
Jim Paul colour
Recording of May 2010 'Deeper' Meeting
Prophet Jim Paul explains what he calls the 'Breaker' anointing, and how it leads on to powerful testimony. He also ministers in prophetic power to various people. More ...
Tim Nelson
Revival Meeting talk Mar '09
Listen again to the talk from the 29 March revival meeting. Christen leads us in exploring again God's desire to bring healing and wholeness. More ...
Recordings of Oct 08 Revival Meeting with Jim Paul
Listen again More ...
Tim Nelson
Testimonies from 18 July 08 Revival Meeting
Hear about two healings More ...
Tim Nelson
Audio and video from 25 May 08 Revival Meeting
Edited highlights including testimonies of various healings More ...
Tim Nelson
Listen to healing testimonies from 06 May 08 Revival Meeting
Hear the amazing testimonies of healing seen at the Holiday Inn Maidenhead! More ...
Tim Nelson
Recording: SundayPM (26 June 05)
Dave Dixon, a member of Icthus, shares his testimony of meeting God in prison, and speaks More ...
Tim Nelson