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Our Aims

We get inspiration from nature, where beautiful things result from crowds of individuals following a few simple rules or aims.  For example, the majestic movements of a huge flock of starlings, as they seem to dance as one together in the sky, can be emulated by a very simple model with each virtual ‘starling’ obeying three basic rules.  In the same way, we believe River Church becomes an inspiration when we all aim to
  1. Look on the face of Christ

  2. Love everyone we meet 

  3. Live like Heaven is near

Looking On The Face of Christ
Jesus is our source of life, our hope and inspiration.  The Bible tells us we are pre-destined to become like Him.  It also says we are transformed from glory to glory as we look upon His face.  In other words, this is the place of our transformation, where we are changed and become all we were meant to be.  He is the beginning and the end, so this is where we start and finish. We all need to encounter Jesus.

Loving Everyone We Meet
Love originates in God, was made known to us by Jesus and is perfected, or brought to fullness, or completion, as we love one another.  The reason we were created was to fill the earth with love.  It’s in loving one another that we make the invisible God visible!  Therefore we owe everyone an encounter with love.

Living Like Heaven Is Near
The Good News that Jesus brought was “The Kingdom of Heaven is near!”  He demonstrated that by healing the sick, driving out demons and accepting many who were rejected by society.  We have been commissioned by Jesus  and empowered by the Spirit to continue that work.  As a dwelling place of God, the church is a place where heaven invades earth.  When that happens brokenness is mended and captives are set free.  Therefore we encourage one another to dare to believe that we can do what Jesus said we would do!  To heal the sick, drive out demons, raise the dead and do even greater things than He did.  We owe everyone a power-full encounter with the God who loves them.