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Audio & Video Downloads

We are delighted to be able to offer a huge number of audio files for download: all the recordings of teaching from both congregational meetings and whole church gatherings since 2004 are available.


The stored media files can be browsed or searched by accessing the main media library. Alternatively you may wish to use these links:

Or check out the videos on:
Most Recently Published 'Public' Audio And Video
Following Jesus - 'Who Am I' (MH) (download)
As we were unable to meet this morning due to heavy snow, Andy presents a podcast of his talk based on Acts chapters 10 and 11. Luke now begins to tell the story of a fundamental turning point in the history of the early church. For the first time Gentiles will be directly evangelised and admitted into fellowship with Jewish Christians.
Andy Read, 10/12/2017
What the angel said to Zechariah. (SL) (download)
Rather than a judgement or rebuke for his lack of faith, what happened to Zechariah was so his faith would be steadfast.
Ian Moody, 03/12/2017
"AWESOME" The Shepherds Story (MH) (download)
On this first Sunday in Advent, Rachel refers to the “Awesome” verses in Luke 2:7-20, the angelic visitation of the shepherds to the baby Jesus and their testimony after having seen the Saviour. The Story of a promise fulfilled a King and His kingdom, the arrival of a Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Rachel Smith, 03/12/2017
It's all about Jesus 7: Ask Seek Knock (MW) (download)
Colin brings an invitation for all to experience intimacy with Jesus.
Colin Barnes, 03/12/2017
Don't Just Stand There, Do Something (MH) (download)
Continuing on the Following Jesus series Mike refers to Acts 1 and 2, where the angels said to the disciples “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky,” Acts 1:10-11. The ascension of Jesus marked a new phase in God’s kingdom on earth and the role the disciples would play in that, but they needed spurring into action.
Mike Holt, 26/11/2017
It's all about Jesus 6: Jesus and the Church (MW) (download)
Geoff asserts that Jesus must be the one in whom we are rooted, because if this isn’t true then whatever we do as church is no longer authentic and just becomes superficial practice.
Geoff Wilson, 26/11/2017
The Bride of Christ (SL) (download)
We are loved by Jesus who provides everything we need.
Peter Oboyle, 19/11/2017
Following Jesus - The Passover Meal (MH) (download)
Colin refers to Luke’s gospel, chapter 22 (vv14-23), and asks us, Why did Jesus have to Die, and why at the time of the Passover meal? Looking back to the days of Moses and the last plague in Exodus 11; Our God is the God of the Exodus, He wants to set us free!
Colin Barnes, 19/11/2017
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