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This library has been set up so that website visitors can not only see the high standard of the essays written by Big Year students but be blessed and challenged by them. It will also help future students to see the standard and how different people approached these assignments. 


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 Bible Theology 
Judges (278.0KB) 21/07/2010, Jan Vickers 0910
Labourers in the vineyard (344.6KB) 27/09/2010, Patricia Elliott 0910
Parable Of The Lost Son (102.8KB) 13/07/2010, Paul Lane 0910
Ruth (501.9KB) 27/07/2010, Tom Curtis 0708
The Church in the City: Corinth (311.1KB) 02/03/2011, Liz Coulter 1011
The Church in the City: Galatia (254.6KB) 11/07/2011, Mary Drew 1011
The Early Church in Ephesus (237.7KB) 22/03/2011, Ingrid Smith 1011
The Good Samaritan (761.5KB) 14/07/2010, David Aston 0910
The Prodigal Son (62.6KB) 15/07/2010, Sue Pole 0910
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 Applied Theology 
Abortion the truth (316.2KB) 17/07/2010, Denise Brannan 0910
Burj Khalifa Tower (111.9KB) 13/07/2010, Paul Lane 0910
Divorce - a social approach (449.3KB) 11/07/2011, Mary Drew 1011
Fair Trade (373.7KB) 23/11/2011, Liz Coulter 1011
Financial Infidelity (74.6KB) 15/07/2010, Sue Pole 0910
Great Expectations (342.9KB) 21/07/2010, Jan Vickers 0910
Just one touch from the King (348.6KB) 19/07/2010, Kerry Forster 0910
Sleaze (685.6KB) 27/07/2010, Tom Curtis 0708
The role of food in the bible (242.4KB) 22/03/2011, Ingrid Smith 1011
Who can halt a war where cruelty is an end in itself? (653.6KB) 14/07/2010, David Aston 0910
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Brazil (308.7KB) 13/07/2010, Paul Lane 0910
Church in Kenya (343.7KB) 23/11/2011, Liz Coulter 1011
Egypt (64.4KB) 15/07/2010, Sue Pole 0910
France (310.9KB) 11/07/2011, Mary Drew 1011
Pakistan (251.4KB) 21/07/2010, Flavia Ghouri 0910
Persecuted Christians in Bethlehem (243.9KB) 19/07/2010, Kerry Forster 0910
Sierra Leone - A Prophetic study (231.5KB) 21/07/2010, Jan Vickers 0910
Swiss Spirit (466.9KB) 14/07/2010, David Aston 0910
The Romani Nation (255.8KB) 17/07/2010, Denise Brannan 0910
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