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Coronavirus Conversations with Colin and Obi


Part 3: Death: what is God saying when we lose a loved one to COVID-19?

Part 2: Is COVID-19 the Beginning of the End of the World?

Colin debunks some of the ingrained views and notions we have about the end of the world. We conclude that the coronavirus does not mark the beginning of the end as some have claimed but like in all other pandemics and disasters in the history of Mankind, it presents an opportunity for us to focus more on being light and salt to a dark and suffering world.

(See also an additional four minutes of further Q&A on the same subject) 

Part 1: Is COVID-19 a Punishment from God?

Colin and Obi discuss this question and address the misconception that God is punishing the world through the coronavirus pandemic. They conclude that this is simply not the case because God's nature is to show grace and mercy, and even in spite of all the pain and loss we see today, He is still at work, grieving with those who are in pain, and showing love to humanity.