China Mission Team Report

Hi Church. Thank you to all of you who prayed for our Mission Trip to China.

We are very pleased to report that we felt your prayers and support, and God in His grace was able to use us to bless and encourage the Chinese Christians that we met. Not only that but every one of our team returned to the UK encouraged anew by what we have experienced of God, and challenged by the fearless committment of the Chinese believer and their responsiveness to the Word of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


Bev, Neil, Sis Chu and meOne high spot was spending time with and hearing the testimony of Sister Chu, 84 years young and one of the original founders of the house church movement in China. Saved by Jesus whilst in University studying Physics, she later moved to the country and started serving God after seeing a vision and being baptised in the Holy Spirit. Served the church in Shanghai after graduating from seminary after two years study. Arrested and sent to prison for one year with her 3 year old son. One year later she was imprisoned again for being anti-revolutionary and kept for one and a half years in a unheated conditions in -30 degC, eating grass in order to survive. Later arrested again, Sister Chu has spent 25 years in prison for the sake of the Gospel. Sickness, hard labour, immersed in a freezing river, head shorn, house confiscated by the Govenrnment  - the list goes on. Yet God kept her in peace, healed her and although she never borrowed a penny God sustained her throughout. movingly Sister Chu tells of God opening doors for her after laying down her life to serve Jesus. What a wonderful example she is, praising God and still preaching and teaching Pastors despite her failing health. Wow! I have met her Daughter and Grandson - both serving God in China with all their heart. Her son is leading a Chinese Church in New Zealand.


April 2006 China TeamOur team - Gary Jones, Joan Davenport, Mark Hannam, Annette and me - ministered at several house churches in the North East of China and were so blessed with our reception and how the Holy Spirit moved through us.


Annette PreachingEvery one of us preached, taught, shared a word of testimony or prophecy and we all got stuck in when it came to praying for the sick etc. We saw many people slayed in the Spirit, sobbing, laughing uproarously and generally responding to God following our ministry.


Garment FactoryWe also had the privalege of teaching at a co-workers meeting in near Shenyang and then having an unplanned time of fellowship at the local garment factory run by believers where Gary demonstrated the difference between running a sprint race and a marathon, and the difference between a fat cow and a skinny one - amongst other things. It was a scream and yet the young folk who worked there lined up to get prayed for a release of the dreams and visions in their hearts.


God at workBack in Beijing we met up with Neil Anderson of the Sowers Minsitry and a team from Florida, USA; Pastor Bev and husband Roger, two Spanish speaking Pastors with large works in Palm Beach and Mexico and their translator. The Sowers Ministry had arranged a three day co-workers conference at which the US team ministered, while our team led 3 days of ministry at a Bible School and Church run by Pastor Ruth who God has used to raise 5 people from the dead. Day one saw me teaching on David's leadership, and then the Holy Spirit slayed every single person there out in the Spirit. for at least 20 minutes. Our team were  looking at each other and asking what do we do now? It was so good to build our relationship with the students and church members over 3 days and it was very sad to say goodbye, especially when they started singing over us while each held our hands. More tears all round!


Happy Birthday - again?Our time in Beijing was slightly marred by some discreet police scrutiny which meant we had to be a lttle more careful about publicly greeting our Chinese gusts from Beijing, Shanyang and Shanghai. It didn't stop our meetings however - even continuing our informal evening meetings in one of the bedrooms. Only difference was that we kept the singing volume down a little and placed a big cake in the room, so we could sing 'happy birthday' if the police demanded to know what we were doing!


Miracle womanMy final meeting was in Pastor Deborah's House Church meeting in the outskirts of Beijing. Only 3 of us plus our translator was allowed to attend because of the security issues, so apart from myself who shared the word that evening, Haron from Nepal came and ministered in song and Ps. Jonas from Mexico came. Last October God had given me a word of knowledge at another of Ps Deborah's HC's and a lady was healed of 40 years of deafness. Deborah confirmed she was still gloriously healed and asked us to pray for two women at the meeting. God healed the first from her painful back condition and we saw a miraculous healing of the second who was suffering from a disease affecting her joints - fingers, shoulder, legs, knees and feet. We had to pray twice for one knee, but afterwards she was moving all her joints, jumping up and down and praising God.


China Mission April 06 090We thought the ministry was over when we had a couple of days of relaxing and shopping before returning home, but God had other ideas. He sat Joan next to a young Chinese girl on the plane. She had graduated in English and was coming to Manchester Uni to study IT. As Joan started talking to Yen Yen I felt the HS say to me not to worry about security, that she would be saved. No surprise then when Yen Yen accepted Jesus as her personal saviour, hallelujah. Mark gave her his Bible and before we got as far as Germany she had devoured 5 books of Matthew and asking about God's healing power. Glory to Jesus.


Glorious Chinese FoodWow, what a wonderful trip. Not just blessed spiritually, but blessed practically by the care of TSM's contacts in China. Wonderful food, comfortable accommodation (even on the overnight trains), good weather, some sightseeing and shopping in Silk Street and Pearl Markets.


When can I go again Lord?

And who will come with me? Interested? Call me soon.


Tom Curtis

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Tom Curtis, 08/05/2006

Anthea Wratten 09/05/2006 19:18
Wow what an amazing report
Tom Curtis 10/05/2006 17:30
Mark Hannam writes "Before going to China I had no idea of what to expect, I had no pre-conceptions of what it would be like. What I found when we were there was AMAZING faith in the midst of persecution and such a love for Jesus in the face of imprisonment. I learnt what it means to stand on the rock and not be shaken no matter what is thrown at you.

I found only love in the people and such a hunger for Gods word beyond anything I have seen before. I count it a blessing and such an honour to have gone and be part of Gods work with our family out there.


Tom Curtis 19/05/2006 11:57
20 weeks to save up if you want to come with us to China in October! Will you dare to leave your comfort zone, and invest 2 weeks into a life changing experience? Don't leave it too late this time - ring me today and get booked in.
Ursula Cowper 06/02/2007 19:00
We need to question our surprise. Maybe God IS doing more elsewhere - in highways and by ways - than we care to admit to ourselves. When we do admit this then perhaps he will let us in on yet a few more of his thoughts and feelings, even invite us into some particpation. Well I for one am very interested!!