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About River

River is a network of like-minded churches whose members are united by our passion for Jesus. He means everything to us. Our faith is not primarily a religion, something we do, but a relationship with a God who loves us as a Father loves His children.  We've found that it’s as we receive His love that we are freed to become the kind of people we’ve always wanted to be.  Having said that, we do believe He has given us two goals...
  • to impact our communities and
  • to see reformation in the church
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Colin introduces River Church

... both of which we are to achieve through His love and power. The Bible tells us God is love and we believe love is the goal of creation and the reason we were made.  We have also experienced His life-changing power. 
God is not distant, but present and active in our lives, guiding, comforting, encouraging and empowering us. He has given us His Spirit and gifted each one of us to bring some of heaven to earth (one day all of heaven will come!).  We do this in many different ways: some are beautiful like acts of kindness and compassion, others are practical like leadership and administration and still others are supernatural like healing and prophecy.

We believe God wants every person to know His love and so be saved.  Therefore anyone is welcome to our Sunday gatherings.  Please come and meet us in Marlow, Maidenhead, Slough or Englefield Green.

River Church started in the 70’s with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a group of young people, and has grown steadily to the four churches we have today. We are non-denominational, a part of the Pioneer Network of churches and a member of the Evangelical Alliance.