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Vision Evening January 2012

Colin BarnesColin outlines RIver's vision and goals for the year ahead     audio   Listen     Download     Slides


Pete & Helen (Marlow), Ceri (Maidenhead), Kerry (Slough) and Vicky (the journey) outline their congregation's vision and goals     audio   Listen     Download    (you need to be logged in to access this file)


Linda summarises the reason for holding RiverFest and gives us some more detail about the arrangements     audio   Listen     Download     Slides     RiverFest homepage


Tim Nelson, 17/01/2012

A questioner?? (Guest) 15/02/2012 11:04
Surely the success of a church is how visible and effective it is in the community it moves in? Words are very grand but when non-believers,housebounds,pagans,seekers,those who just do not know and have no hope, know that next door to them is someone who has an answer,a loving pair of hands that are willing to help practically,listening ears that will hear without making judgments ,an accepting heart for those who do not think the same as them, that will show the Love that they are seeking and then surely your "church" will grow.Too many churches are full of words and and grand plans and their own self importance but never impact on the community and there are so many spiritually needy people out there! Actually wasn't Jesus very practical in his life in the way he showed the love of his father..although his words are important he reached out to the rejected,the unlovely,the unloved ...those that others did not want to get alongside!
Colin Barnes 16/02/2012 21:12
A big AMEN to much that you say, dear 'Questioner'. I hope if you listened to the evening you could pick up our passion to love our communities in many ways, spiritually and practically demonstrating the love of Jesus. We're by no means perfect but we're inspired by Jesus to love everyone we meet and that's a great place to be.