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Recording of 10 April 11 'Deeper' Meeting with Jim Paul

Prophet Jim Paul speaks about a God who feels intense compassion (σπλαγχν?ζομαι / splagchnizomai)     audio   Listen     Download


Jim Paul co-pastors East Gate Christian Fellowship in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife Dianne. He is affiliated with the Partners in Harvest network. Jim has travelled as an itinerant prophet/evangelist since 1994 to over 20 countries as a conference speaker with TACF (Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship). He has written Prophecy in Practice in 1998 published by Monarch, UK. Jim ministers on the themes of revival and healing, all with a prophetic edge.

Colleen (Guest) 19/04/2013 04:28
This was an awesome anointed teaching...just listening to it & opening my spirit to Father's & I was receiving prayer & His touch as if I was there!
Jerry Bailey (Guest) 14/07/2018 10:33
The sounds of deeper rivers are created. We can try to know about these sounds. We just need to oen this blog and start working on perfectness. This is a real blog in a sense and reader will enjoy this blog so much. This is a best blog.